Review: The Felig Chronicles (The Felig Chronicles #1) by P.J. Dean

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Review: The Felig Chronicles (The Felig Chronicles #1) by P.J. Dean DNF
The Felig Chronicles by P.J. Dean
Series: The Felig Chronicles #1
Published by eXtasy Books on March 1, 2010
Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi
Pages: 185
Format: eBook
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Faustina Tina Cain and Nate Lowe each have their own reasons for fighting against a group of aliens, the life-force draining Felig, who have invaded Earth.

For Tina, it's personal--they took her mom.

Neither Tina or Nate are looking for love--just raw sex to take the edge off possibly vanishing at any moment. Joining forces makes them ponder why they are even alive.

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Today we’re DNF’ing The Felig Chronicles (The Felig Chronicles #1) by P.J. Dean at 30%.
Primary Reason: Unable to get into the story due to telling and not showing.

I first met The Felig Chronicles in 2014 after seeing the author participate in a discussion on site Dear Author. The blurb for the book looked good and that cover is hot! so I decided to take a swing. I purchased The Felig Chronicles on 04-Apr-2014, making it’s stay on Mt. TBR a total of 2 years, 8 months.

It was not quite what I was expecting.

There are a few issues I’m running into with The Felig Chronicles:

1) This book comes across as Ms Dean’s first novel. I’m not sure if it is or not but it has that unedited/unfinished quality about it. The Felig Chronicles was written in 2010 so it is possible that this is Ms Dean’s first published attempt.

#2) The Felig Chronicles have a very…”and then this happened” kind of feel. I get the impression that Ms Dean completed her story via outline first and then fleshed it out. It’s missing that organic, seamless transition from chapter to chapter and subject to subject.

Events happen too quickly and it doesn’t allow me to believe in the romance.

The heroine was able to get an interview with hero much too easily. No roadblocks at all. The same thing with the first sex scene – the MCs have a conversation and then BOOM!! Sex. Then they have another conversation and BOOM!! She’s moving in. Their relationship has no tension or interest for me. It’s like I’m being told a story via a third party.

There’s just no transition.

#3) My biggest issue? This is NOT a complete story! The Felig Chronicles is book #1 of a series that follows the same couple throughout. I dislike those kinds of storylines in Romance. When I purchased The Felig Chronicles there was nothing that showed it was part of a series (this was in 2014…LOL!). Right now Ms Dean is showing four entries to The Felig Chronicles with a 5th entry, Gambit, showing a tentative February 2016 release date (it published in April 2016).


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