Review: Sway (Delicious #1) by Lauren Dane

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Review: Sway (Delicious #1) by Lauren Dane three-half-stars
Sway by Lauren Dane
Series: Delicious #1
Published by Penguin Books on August 7, 2012
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 150
Format: eBook
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In this absolutely delicious novella from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Dane, a man takes a step outside his comfort zone and finds his arms full of passion…

Levi Warner is an established older man—wealthy, powerful, and above all, respectable. Then Levi meets Daisy, an uninhibited twenty-four-year-old dance instructor and artist, not exactly the kind of woman Levi is accustomed to.

But the young free spirit brings out something in him that he only experienced in fantasies. When their scorching affair turns into something unexpectedly deeper, Levi finds himself torn between preserving his reputation and exploring a wilder and much more satisfying kind of life…

Sway previously appeared in the anthology Cherished

Includes an excerpt of the Brown Family novel, Drawn Together.

So. I find myself getting a little annoyed with Lauren Dane right now.

I’ve read quite a few Lauren Dane PNR books in my life but I just started with her contemporary romances. I started with the Hurley Boys series which I really enjoyed. There was just one thing niggling at me: one of the Hurley brothers – Damien – had his book in a totally different series called Delicious.

And here we are.

I decided to start with this first book in the Delicious series, Sway.

Sway is cute. The heroine, Daisy, is a tattooed artist and dance instructor who met the hero, Levi, when Levi attended the wrong dance class. The two had instant chemistry and eventually started dating.

Cal interrupted. “He’s got to be forty or so. He was ahead of me at UW. He and I both went to law school there. What’s a forty-year-old man want with a twenty-four-year-old?”
Daisy indicated her body. “Dude. I mean, come on. Twenty-four-year-old boobs.”
-pg 25

Levi is much older than Daisy and that means he carries the prerequisite baggage. Throughout much of Sway I had the impression that Levi really wanted everything he could have from Daisy but his…snobbishness kept him from asking. Which was strange considering that Levi started dominating Daisy in the bedroom from the very first moment. Levi had (very light) angst about Daisy’s age, Daisy’s tattoos, Daisy’s friends (rockstars from a totally different series. Again.) and the fact that Daisy was just a little too perfect for him – he even loved (and started bidding wars) over her artwork.

Daisy, on the other hand, was completely fine with everything. The text makes it clear that Daisy’s friends are all typically much older than she. It’s pretty clear that Daisy does not suffer from a lack of confidence in herself and she only thinks of her age biologically. She’s pretty badass, to be honest. She even tells Levi that she wasn’t afraid of his age.

The BDSM elements in Sway are pretty light. There’s no collaring or clubs. I found it strange the Levi goes straight to crop usage but no bare-hand spanking ever took place. There’s also no safewords used/discussed at all. No discussion of limitations or of likes or dislikes. I wasn’t too fond of that but I thought the BDSM elements were hot in the context in which they were used.

The problems for the Big Mis are…patently a little dumb and snobbish. Levi did a little grovelling after a short period of time and we arrive at the HEA.

My favorite parts of Sway (and the entire Delicious series) are the wonderful female friendships that the heroines enjoy. They have each other to love and defend and it’s quite wonderful. Of course, one of the friends’ book is in a different series entirely ad there’s also one other huge couple mentioned often in the Delicious series that take place in a different series. That’s 6 more books. O_O

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