Review: Raging Hard by B.B. Hamel

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Review: Raging Hard by B.B. Hamel one-half-stars
Raging Hard by B.B. Hamel
Published by Self-Published on November 22, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 541
Format: eBook
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My stepbrother is raging hard and he won’t be controlled.

When we first met, he was only a perfectly gorgeous stranger all covered in tattoos.

I couldn’t resist pressing my body close against his. I couldn’t say no when he took me out to the alley to do more than just dance.

How could I have known my overbearing Dad just married his crazy-as-hell Mom?

His name is Nathan Magnus and he’s a total prick. He’s a Navy SEAL, trained to fight and kill in a thousand different ways, and he thinks he’s the best thing to ever happen to me.

He’s everything I hate wrapped in everything I want.

Now he’s staying at our house all summer.

And that’s not even the worst part.

Someone is after me because of my father’s shady business deals, and only Nathan is strong enough to keep everyone safe.

He has no sense of boundaries. He’s my bodyguard, but that doesn’t mean he can strip down and take a shower right in front of me.

And of course I can’t help but stare. He’s delicious, provocative, dirty, and arrogant.

I may be safe with my stepSEAL around, but I don’t stand a chance.

Raging Hard was a complete dud for me. I really didn’t enjoy it very much. The smexy times were meh. The heroine wasn’t the brightest bulb and the hero was a first class jerk.

I found nothing particularly redeeming or interesting about this book. I was surprised, however, at the scene where the hero kills the first set of attempted kidnappers and then just tossed the bodies overboard and then lied about it. Ugh. And her bff, Lydie. UGH. Double UGH.

I wanted to be insulted by the hero’s characterization – complete and utter jerk – because he is military. After I thought about it for a moment, I concluded that the characterization was fine. While it pains me to admit it, our military is full of humans who can act just as jerkishly as anyone else.

I want to say I DNF’d this. Instead, I have to admit that I skimmed the rest of the way to the end. The book didn’t get any better and I did not believe in the romance.

1.5 stars (but only because I technically “finished”)

There is a second book included – Based: A Stepbrother Romance – and it looks like not my cup of tea. Did not start Based at all.

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