Review: Force Majeure (Apprivoisé #3) by Arden Aoide

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Review: Force Majeure (Apprivoisé #3) by Arden Aoide four-stars
Force Majeure by Arden Aoide
Series: Apprivoisé #3
Published by Arden Aoide on January 14, 2014
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 167
Format: eBook
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Force Majeure takes us on a lustful journey of near obsession, past the normal niceties of sex and romance, and into the intricate mind of Jeff Rainier. A mind both complex and simple. He knows the rules, but doesn't always want to understand them.

Evan Monroe was looking for more in her life, but was unconvinced there was such a thing. She was bored, and unnecessarily jaded. But, she'd try anything once; twice if you begged.

Jeff Rainier turned out to be a force that was almost too hard for her to handle.

Force Majeure is a novel that tries to define love, but only confuses the matter.

force majeure (noun force ma·jeure \ˌfȯrs-mä-ˈzhər, -mə-\)
1: superior or irresistible force
2: an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled

I am quite at a loss for words with this one. But I really, really liked it! I reminds me a lot of The Theory of Attraction in that Jeff, like Ivan, is a “nerd Dom.” Except Jeff doesn’t appear to be as well adjusted as Ivan – although the reader never gets Ivan’s POV in The Theory of Attraction unlike Force Majeure.

Jeff is different. He’s incredibly smart – maybe too smart? His brain works too fast and he gets panic attacks. Jeff has all sorts of quirks: he stutters, especially when nervous – and he has a really bad tendency to say the wrong thing or say something cruel. But Jeff is a pretty nice guy with an interesting set of kinks. Jeff is a dominate in the bedroom but he is not an Alpha Male, which I truly enjoyed. Every man who likes to pull your hair and smack your ass (or tie you up and flog you, lol) isn’t an “alpha male.” Bedroom domination doesn’t always equate to a domineering attitude.

Jeff also has a love for The Little Prince that made me fall in love with him a little, too. There’s a scene where Jeff had to apologize to a friend of his for being jerk and he sends to her the scene from The Little Prince where the fox teaches the little Prince to tame him. Oh my. I got a little teary eyed.

Evan was a little harder to get a bead on. She wasn’t a submissive in the classic sense that [most] people think of.

The more Jeff watched her, the more he realized that she wasn’t the submissive type. Her face was tilted upward, even if her eyes were closed. He could push her to her knees, but she would never truly kneel. Hell, she’d been on her knees, but he was under no illusions who was really running the show. He could tie her up, and she wouldn’t fight the restraints, nor would she look defiant. Her eyes would be closed, and she would be smiling.
Force Majeure

Evan has a desire to be forced – to be used as an object for someone’s depravity. The terrifying part for Jeff was that Evan wanted and trusted him to take her. Evan reveled in the fact that such an intelligent man as Jeff could expend so much emotional energy on her. Reveled.

Evan felt a surge of arousal unlike any she’d felt before. She has had this brilliant man’s attention on her for so long. Her. Evan Monroe. He’d been watching her every move and wanting her. It was almost too much.

She always knew that she wasn’t the type to be doted on. Coveted, though. That was sublime. Just imagining him watching her while she dated other men and kept his distance, and kept on, spoke of a self-control that she couldn’t fathom. She would do anything to keep his interest trained on her.
Force Majeure

While it was a little hard to get a bead on Evan, I really liked her. And I liked her strength. Her ability to face not only her fears but Jeff’s fears, too. Evan has had few relationships and she was never really attached to any of the men she dated previously. In fact, she rarely dated due to her inability to deal with people long term. Evan’s feeling for Jeff were difficult for her to parse: she realized she wanted him and cared for him but couldn’t put her finger on why. The need she felt – for his attention, his presence – almost made Evan feel panicky but she went after Jeff regardless.

Unlike The Theory of Attraction, the reader spends a lot of time in Jeff’s head. Being in Jeff’s head – especially when he’s feeling agitated – added a lot of tension to this read. I could feel Jeff’s insecurities and frustrations – and his love of the word “fuck,” lol. I would get irritated with Jeff when he shortchanged himself or Evan. But Jeff felt oh, so real. I was right there with him when he realized that Evan would either bring to life his most hidden fantasy or she would destroy him whole.

My copy of Force Majeure is actually part of the Healing Submission: Tales of Hurt and Comfort Boxed Set which is no longer available. I have to say that I don’t know what encouraged me to read Force Majeure but I am so glad I did. Prior to reading Force Majeure I had plans on DNF’ing Healing Submission – I’d read a couple of the other entries and was starting to feel a bit alarmed. But Force Majeure really gives me hope. And I’m pretty desperate to read the other books in the Apprivoisé series – Ms Aoide really caught my attention with this one! Once again, we have an Anthology book WIN. 😀 I love finding new authors that fix my attention like this.

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