My morning workout – uugggh!

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I just had the worst morning workout in…weeks! I’m feeling tired and slightly groggy…and I’m already on my second cup of coffee.

It all started with my husband (don’t they all???!).

My normal routine goes like this:

-Get up
-Drag my tired carcass into workout clothes
-Walk the dog
-Feed the dog
-Morning workout
-short stretch and foam rolling
-Shower, dress and leave for work

My husband and I have different morning schedules so he’s normally doing his own thing in the morning. Meaning that all of that happens without me talking to him except a few words here and there. My mornings are mostly silent (comments to the dog don’t count) and I don’t even listen to music when I workout.

But today hubby has the day off of work. And he decided to workout with me. Uggh.

I feel that people have…different sense of urgency when they have somewhere to go/something to do. They move faster, more cognizant of time. But all that gets taken away if the person knows they have nothing to do/nowhere to go.

And it was with this knowledge that hubby came to my early morning (before work!) workout.

So, this is the morning workout:

0.7 miles in 14:20mins

Dumbbell Squat:
10 lb x 10 reps

Barbell Squat:
18 lb x 15 reps
18 lb x 15 reps

Goblet Squat (kettlebell):
20 lb x 10 reps

Dumbbell Rear Lunge:
10 lb x 9 reps
10 lb x 9 reps

Arnold’s 1% Circuit (Barbell):
>Romanian Dead Lift 18 lb x 30 seconds
>Bent Over Barbell Row 18 lb x 30 seconds
>Barbell Over Head Press 18 lb x 30 seconds
>Two Hand Kettlebell Swing 20lb x 30 seconds
Perform 3 circuits

Kettlebell Lunge:
20 lb x 10 reps
20 lb x 12 reps

Kettlebell Row:
20 lb x 12 reps
20 lb x 12 reps

Standing Barbell Calf Raise:
18 lb x 20 reps

Reverse Flyes:
10 lb x 10 reps
10 lb x 12 reps

Glute Kickback:
10 lb x 30 reps
10 lb x 30 reps
30 lb x 10 reps

Short Bridge:
40 reps

10 reps

Foam Rolling:
10 min

5:00 min

My walking time is a bit slow and I missed the second set of my barbell calf raises. This workout took much longer than normal…so I was late to the shower (and thus to work). I was moving slower during the workout…so I didn’t get as pumped as normal. I DID remember to foam roll but I forgot my icepack! *facepalm* My hamstring has reminded me most of the morning that I neglected to ice it down. I think that’s all of this is why I’m feeling so slow. 🙁

But, to be honest…I can’t blame it all on him. At least 1/2 of the blame is mine. I know my routine better than he does…so I should have gotten up earlier to make up for the slower workout. And it has to be slower simply because he normally does not work out with me in the morning – usually its the afternoon.

And speaking of the afternoon…we’re supposed to do either kettlebells or P90X: Chest and Back. O_O

Both of those are feeling very intimindating right now. I’m supposed to be moving up in weight for kettlebells today…so that’s gonna kick my ass. But if we do P90X…we don’t have the pull up requirements and I suck at push ups. O_o

Looks like Thursday will be a take care of me I have DOMS* kind of day.





*DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

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