Hot Alpha SEALs Anthology Review: Delta: Retribution by Cristin Harber

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Hot Alpha SEALs

Fallen Navy SEAL and Titan Group’s Delta recruit Trace Reeves wants nothing more than a one-night stand to forget that his twin brother was killed-in-action. But when his one-time fling becomes his high value target, the lines blur between her rescue mission and saving himself.

Another book in the Hot Alpha SEALs anthology and the first book of an upcoming new series – Delta – by Cristin Harber. Delta will be a spinoff from Harber’s Titan series.

In a review for a different book in the Hot Alpha SEALs anthology – Unbreakable SEAL – I noted that the author did not utilize the “magical vagina,” to my great relief. Well, Delta: Retribution utilizes the magical vagina trope for all it’s worth.

When the hero, Trace, meets the heroine, Marlena, he’s already practically broken. Trace’s twin brother had been killed in the line of duty and it broke Trace. He was angry and desperate to locate his brother’s dog tags. Trace paid for this obsession by being kicked off of his SEAL team and forced into Titan: Delta. Delta seems to be part commercial security firm and part military special forces…not quite sure how that works in the real world but whatever.Delta- Retribution

Trace and Marlena meet at a bar in Germany where they have a one night stand. Marlena ditches Trace the moment he steps into a shower (this isn’t the only time she ditches him) out of embarrassment. During the one night stand Trace realizes that Marlena has a magical vagina – it is the only thing that has made him feel better. So he’s very upset to learn that Marlena left as soon as he got into the shower.

The two main characters don’t meet again until some time later. Marlena turns out to be a bright college student who was hired to create a biological weapon for the US Government. Of course, this means she gets kidnapped by terrorists. Marlena is rescued by Delta and reunited with Trace.

Trace is still in the same emotional downward spiral but now he has access to Marlena’s magical vajayjay, which is the only thing that soothes Trace’s demons. All hail the magical vagina for it heals all. /sarcasm

Not too much happens after this. As Marlena and Trace try to develop a relationship Marlena (and Trace) are kidnapped by the terrorist group. They make Marlena to complete the biological weapon and then escape with it. This forces Trace and Delta to go back to the Middle East to locate the weapon before it can be used. Of course, deus ex machina comes into play at this point and things get even more unbelievable.

So, the story is well written but the author uses the magical vagina more than I care for. The depictions of Titan: Delta are not quite clear enough for me – this could be related to the fact that this is a spin off of a series I have not read. The ending is a bit unbelievable but I was still entertained. This would have been a 3 star rating but I dropped .5 star for the magical vagina.

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