#Cook90 Challenge: Week #1 – Can I do this? Just hoping not to fail

February 28, 2017 2017 #cook90, Food 0

#Cook90 Challenge: Week #1 – Can I do this?  Just hoping not to fail
Every January, home cooks around the world give themselves a challenge: cook three meals a day, every day, for the entire month. It's not always easy, but with these recipes, journals, meal plans, and tips, it's never really that hard.

What is #Cook90?

From Epicurious: The #cook90 challenge is simple: Cook three meals a day, every day, for a whole month. But the real challenge is getting prepped and organized to tackle four weeks of cooking.

I’ve never done a #cook90 challenge. I’ve tried several different kinds of “diets:” paleo, low calorie/low taste fat, etc. but I always failed at the most important part: actually prepping and cooking said food. O_O

I always start out strong but I fizzle out like March. I’m pretty lucky that I know where my issues stem: weeknight cooking. Weeknight cooking is the worst. I come home tired from a long day at work (including a 45 minute commute each way) only to need to spend an hour plus prepping and cooking. ACCK! Or I’ll tell myself to make enough on Sunday for the week ahead…but who wants to spend an entire day (out of a 2 day break) cooking?? Not. Me.

So when I heard about #cook90 (in January) the first thing I though was “Bullshit!” LOL!

But I’m constantly looking to make myself better – and this year is supposed to focus in on nutrition and [more] sleep. And nothing is more nutritious than eating whole un-processed foods.

So I decided I’d dip my toes into the #cook90 challenge and see if I can actually do this. O_O

Epicurious’ #cook90 rules:
Cook (almost) every meal you eat in January February.
Take a break (or three).
Use leftovers creatively.

Epicurious #cook90 Starter Guide: http://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/cook90-starter-guide-2017-article

My Goal
My goal for this #cook90 challenge is to get myself in the habit of prepping tasty but healthy lunches for my husband and I. I all I can manage during this #cook90 is a cook40 (weekday lunch and dinner every day for 4 weeks) I will still feel like I’ve won. Because I’ve never managed that before.

Week 1 of #cook90: 30-Jan-2017 thru 04-Feb-2017
How did it go? It went pretty well, all things considered! It wasn’t a complete and utter failure, lol.

I made 8 lunches (4 for each of us) and quite some meals – can’t remember all of them however!

3 x Breakfast Burritos with eggs, sausage, onion, bell pepper, and bacon (hubby)
5 x Egg White Scramble with onions, bell pepper and spinach (me)

4 x Chicken Burrito Bowls
4 x Korean Beef Bowls

Steak w/ potatoes
Sheet Pan chicken thighs with veggies

The making of the breakfast burritos did NOT go as planned. They tasted good but were really hard to roll up. I’d planned to make 5 of them and freeze 3 but nixed that idea in a hurry. Hubby did like the burritos but he is not an egg fan. When it came time for my breakfast, I was doing this egg white thing. Trying to work out AND cook breakfast in a very short time period is a hot mess. And a great way to be late for work.

Lunch was also an experience. The initial set of lunches – the Chicken Burrito Bowls – were quick and I was very proud of myself. But I didn’t make the Korean Beef Bowls until right before leaving for work on a (Wednesday?) morning. It was a mess! But I was fed. 😀

Dinner was easy and normal – nothing to write home about.

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