Candlelight Wish (Wishing For Love #1) by Janice Bennett

April 16, 2013 3.0 Stars, deception plotline, ebook, fantasy romance, Historical, Romance, series 0

candlelight wish

When Phoebe Caldicot loses her much-needed job as an instructress at a select Bath seminary, she knows exactly whom to blame. Sir Miles Saunderton, the elder brother of one of her pupils, is managing, infuriating and the last man she ever wants to see again. As she gazes into a candle flame, she wishes for security. Marriage seems her only option, but where can a penniless ex-schoolmistress find a suitable husband?The rippling water in a silver bowl stills, and Lady Xanthe Simms and her huge white cat Titus see the image of the desperate young lady. But desperation and wishes are what keep life busy and entertaining for the resourceful fairy godmother. With a melodic hum-and the fluttering to the floor of one of her gold-tipped wing feathers-Lady Xanthe sets forth to grant Phoebe the opportunity to make her wish come true. But opportunities are never certainties…

I’m not quite sure what to say. It started off rather cute. I enjoyed the interactions between the hero and heroine. Quite a lot of it was rather funny and I loved Xanthe and Miles as well as Phoebe.

The heroine spends a great deal of time being angry at the hero but their reactions to each other were great…

…But for some reason it all started to get annoying around 60%. I started to get annoyed with Phoebe’s anger. I started to get annoyed with some of Xanthe’s* magic… I wanted to see some “romantic” interactions between the H/h. I wanted to see more long glances and…I don’t know but I wanted more!

All in all, it’s a cute Regency romance and rather funny.

*Note: How funny is it that the fairy godmother is named Xanthe!

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