Andre Norton’s Witch World: Short Stories and Anthologies

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Tales of the Witch World 1 cvrTitle: Tales of the Witch World 1
Series Cycle: Witch World #18, Tales of the Witch World #1
Published: 1987
Status: Owned, Hardback

An array of fantasy tales, includes works by Norton, Robert Bloch, Elizabeth Scarborough, A. C. Crispin, Ardath Mayhar, and Robert E. Vardeman.

• Andre Norton. On the Shaping of Ulm’s Heir.
• Robert Bloch. Heir Apparent.
• Wilanne Schneider Belden. Fenneca.
• A. C. Crispin. Bloodspell.
• Charles de Lint. The White Road.
• Marylois Dunn. Cat and the Other.
• Pauline M. Griffin. Oath-Bound.
• James R. Heidbrink. Of Ancient Swords and Evil Mist.
• Caralyn Inks. Nine Words in Winter.
• Mercedes Lackey. Werehunter.
• Ardath Mayhar. Neither Rest nor Refuge.
• Sasha Miller. To Rebuild the Eyrie.
• Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Milk from a Maiden’s Breast.
• Mary H. Schaub. Night Hound’s Moon.
• Carol Sverance. Isle of Illusion.
• Kiel Stuart. Green in High Hallack.
• Robert E. Vardeman. The Road of Dreams and Death.

Tales of the Witch Worlds 2 cvrTitle: Tales of the Witch World 2
Series Cycle: Witch World #19, Tales of the Witch World #2
Published: 1988
Status: Owned, Hardback

Andre Norton has invited seventeen of her favorite writers to join her in creating new stories of Witch World. Such authors as Clare Bell, Susan Schwartz, and Melinda N. Snodgrass tell tales of daring, determination, betrayal, and redemption set in this beloved fantasy world.

• Introduction by Andre Norton
• The Hunting of Lord Etsalian’s Daughter by Clare Bell
• Sea-Serpents of Domnudale by Ginger Simpson Curry
• Old Toad by Geary Gravel
• The Judgement of Neave by S. N. Lewitt
• Through the Moon Gate by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
• Dream Pirates’ Jewel by Brad & Cynthia Linaweaver
• The Magic Sword by A. R. Major
• Darkness Over Mirhold by Patricia Shaw Mathews
• Peacock Eyes by Shirley Meier
• The Salt Garden by Sandra Miesel
• The Stones of Sharnon by Ann Miller
• Heroes by Diana L. Paxson
• Rite of Failure by Susan M. Shwartz
• Futures Yet Unseen by Melinda M. Snodgrass
• S’Olcarias’s Sons by Lisa Swallow
• The Sentinel at the Edge of the World by David Wind
• Tall Dames Go Walking by Rose Wolf

Tales of the Witch World 3 cvrTitle: Tales of Witch World 3
Series Cycle: Witch World #22, Tales of the Witch World #3
Published: 1990
Status: Owned, Hardback

This collection of stories set in Norton’s Witch World universe will appeal mainly to the longtime fan. Nineteen writers, 17 of them women, contribute their elaborations of events and people in those war- and magic-torn lands. Many of the tales, set in the Dales after the fall of Escarp and its witches, tell of young women who learn to cope with unusual powers. In “The Scent of Magic,” Juanita Coulson writes of an orphan of the nomadic Vupsall who must accept her powers in order to save her people; another young woman evades recruitment by the witches and finds love in A. C. Crispin’s “Heartspell.” The only boy ever raised among Falconer women is the subject of “Falcon’s Chick” by Patricia Shaw Mathews. In a charming debut, “Were-Flight,” Lisa Woodworth tells of an orphaned shape-changer, brought up in an abbey, who fulfills her destiny to metamorphose into a cat. A young man dedicates his life to revenge in Patricia Shaw Matthews’s “Falcon’s Chick,” while a young woman learns the truth of her parentage in Ann Miller and Karen E. Ripley’s “Godron’s Daughter” in this collection of 19 stories set in Andre Norton’s enduring Witch World. Contributors include fantasy veterans Patricia McKillip, Sharon Green, etc.

This volume, a pleasing addition to the Witch World oeuvre, is not, however, the place for the neophyte to enter that realm.

•Introduction by Andre Norton
•Voice of memory by M.E. Allen
•Plumduff Potato-Eye by Jayge Carr
•The Scent of Magic by Juanita Coulson
•Heartspell by A.C. Crispin
•The Weavers by Esther M. Friesner
•The Root of All Evil by Sharon Green
•Knowledge by P.M. Griffin
•The Circle of Sleep by Caralyn Inks
•Falcon’s Chick by Patricia Shaw Mathews
•Fortune’s Children by Patricia A. McKillip
•Godron’s Daughter by Ann Miller and Karen E. Rigley
•A Question of Magic by Marta Randall
•Strait of Storms by K.L. Roberts
•Candletrap by Mary H. Schaub
•Whispering cane by Carol Severance
•Gunnora’s Gift by Elisabeth Waters
•Wolfhead by Michael D. Winkle
•Were-flight by Lisa Woodworth
•The Sword-Seller by Patricia C. Wrede
•Biographical notes

four from the witch world cvrTitle: Four from the Witch World
Series Cycle: Witch World #21
Published: 1989
Status: Owned, Hardback

Andre Norton, Grand Master of Fantasy, brings together a quartet of today’s finest fantasy talents to produce short novels of extraordinary power and beauty, set in the Witch World, her greatest fantasy creation.

• Stillborn Heritage by Elizabeth H. Boyer: A girl’s coming of age proves a supernatural test of her strength…and of the power of love.

• Stormbirds by C.J. Cherryh: A soldier of the Dales, thrown together with an Estcarp witch in the bitter aftermath of war, must overcome his own hatred or be destroyed by the Hounds of Alizon.

• Rampion by Meredith Ann Pierce: An island girl, spurned by her noble father and orphaned by the death of her mother, is caught in a wed of sea-magic by a mysterious troubadour come from afar to settle old scores.

• Falcon Law by Judith Tarr: A woman and a falconer could not be the one, said the code. Yet her falcon chose her, so she lived a lie, to fulfill a great destiny.

Let these four master storytellers sweep you into the magical realm of fantasy adventure that has enthralled millions of readers…

High Sorcery cvrTitle: High Sorcery
Series Cycle: Witch World (Short Stories & Novellas)
Published: 1970
Status: Owned, Paperback, (First Edition?)

CRAIKE, a man hunted in two worlds…
MISS RUTHEVEN, whose needles pointed to secret kingdoms…
DAGMAR, with the fatal fascination of Helen of Troy…
ULLY, whose music touched the powers before mankind…
TAMISAN, the sorceress who found herself the victim of her toys…

These, and others unlike them, inhabit Andre Norton’s world of HIGH SORCERY, where the primeval desires and fears of man – his loving and loathing – are merged with his dreams of future knowledge and technological power. Those who have enjoyed the alchemy of Norton’s other mind-bending tales should enjoy these!

•Wizard’s World
•Through the Needle’s Eye
•By A Hair
•Ully The Piper (Witch World)
•Toys of Tamisan

Lore of the Witch World cvrTitle: Lore of the Witch World
Series Cycle: Witch World #12 (Short Stories & Novellas)
Published: 1980
Status: Need to Order

First published September 1980, this is a collection of previously published stories, plus a new novelette, by Andre Norton with an introduction by C. J. Cherryh.

•Spider Silk (Originally published in Flashing Swords! #3, ed. Lin Carter, Dell, 1976)
•Sand Sister (Originally published in Heroic Fantasy, ed. Gerald W. Page & Hank Reinhardt, DAW, 1979)
•Falcon Blood (Originally published in Amazons!, ed. Jessica Amanda Salmonson, DAW, 1979)
•Legacy from Sorn Fen (Originally published in Garan the Eternal, FPCI, 1973)
•Sword of Unbelief (Originally published in Swords against Darkness #2, ed. Andrew J. Offutt, Zebra, 1977)
•Toads of Grimmerdale (Originally published in Flashing Swords! #2, ed. Lin Carter, Dell, 1974)
•Changeling (1980)

Cover art for the DAW editions by Michael Whelan.


Wizards' Worlds cvrTitle: Wizard’s Worlds
Series Cycle: Witch World (Short Stories & Novellas)
Published: 1989
Status: Owned, Paperback

This collection of 13 captivating short stories and novellas written between 1952 and 1985 samples the wide range of Nebula Grand Master Norton’s (Tales of the Witch World 1) work. The first six entries, set in the Witch World universe, depict mostly female protagonists coping with the aftermath of wars made even more devastating by the deployment of magic. “Toads of Grimmerdale” and “Changeling” recount the travails of Hertha, a noblewoman who is cast out into “drifts of ice-crusted snow” by her brother after she refuses to abort the fetus of a rapist. “Spider Silk” is what blind, former slave Dairine is taught to weave by male-hating giant arachnids. In the title novella, an Esper fleeing a lynch mob is carried into another world, where his kind rules–but even there he is different and must fight for survival. A dreamer who creates worlds for others finds her work, herself and her client in grave danger in “Toys of Tamisan.” “Mousetrap,” the earliest story here, envisions a not-too-distant future in which mankind explores Mars but human nature remains the same.

•Were-Wrath – (Witch World) only 177 copies of “Were-Wrath” were published stand-alone
•Falcon Blood – (Witch World)
•Toads of Grimmerdale – (Witch World)
•Changeling – (Witch World)
•Spider Silk – (Witch World)
•Sword of Unbelief – (Witch World Elys & Jervon)
•Sand Sister
•Toys of Tamisan – Highly recommended!
•Wizards Worlds
•By a Hair
•All Cats are Grey
•Swamp Dweller

The Book of Andre Norton cvrTitle: The Book of Andre Norton
Series Cycle: Witch World (Short Stories & Novellas)
Published: 1974
Status: Need to Order

•The Toads of Grimmerdale – (Witch World)
•London Brdge
•On Writing Fantasy
•All Cats Are Grey
•The Long Night Of Waiting
•The Gifts of Asti
•Long Live Lord Kor!
•Andre Norton: Loss of Faith
•Norton Bibliography (Through 1975)

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