2016 Book Purchases: August

September 2, 2016 2016 Purchase Challenge 0

2016 Book Purchases: August
2016!! New Year, new challenges!

This is a continuation of the purchase challenge I started in 2014, making this is the 3rd year of purchase tracking. The biggest goal of this Purchase Challenge is to control my book spending: no more than $20 per month.

I always start the draft for these monthly book purchase updates at the beginning of the month. It gives me a chance to look back over the previous month and encourage myself to do better throughout the coming month.

 31-Aug-2016: I have a pre-order this month: Blaze by Suzanne Wright. It was technically for 01-Sep-2016 but I found I was charged on 31-Aug-2016.


Stepbrother's Rules cvrBook: Stepbrother’s Rules
Author: Renee Rose
Cost: $2.99
Format: ebook
Date Purchased: 22-Aug-2016
Notes: Originally read this via Kindle Unlimited but I loved it so much I wanted my own copy.

Blaze cvrBook: Blaze (Dark in You #2)
Author: Suzanne Wright
Cost: $3.99
Format: ebook
Date Purchased: 31-Aug-2016
Notes: Pre-order and the sequel to Burn



August 2016 Totals:
Total Books Purchased: 2
Total Amount Spent: $6.98
Special Purchase Books Purchased: 1
(SP) Amount Spent: $3.99
(R) Amount Spent: $2.99
(O) Other/Giftcard: $0
Potential Sales Abandoned: 0
Money Saved (Lost Sales): $0
August Budget Available (not including special purchases): $17.01

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