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I am a part of several groups over at Goodreads and one of the things we all like to share with each other are strange/different/WTF news stories – mostly the stories are strange but occasionally they are terrific. And today I want to share a terrific story:

Does the Gender of Children Predict Divorce? – This story is more of a layman’s summery of a study completed by Duke University and it is just kinda awesome. Apparently, couples who have daughters are more likely to divorce…and scholars always assumed it was due to either a)the difficulty in raising a daughter or b)that men wanted sons more than daughters and so split if their wife delivered a girl. Now researchers are discovering that female fetuses are typically stronger than male and thus can easier withstand the stress of a rocky relationship in utero. Not that daddies roll when a boy-child doesn’t pop out. 🙂

In the study, researchers discovered girls may be hardier than boys, even in the womb, and may be better able to survive pregnancies stressed by a troubled marriage.

“Many have suggested that girls have a negative effect on the stability of their parents’ union,” said Duke economist Amar Hamoudi, who co-authored the new study with Jenna Nobles, a University of Wisconsin-Madison sociologist.

“We are saying: ‘Not so fast.’ ”

Hamoudi, points to a very different potential explanation for differing divorce rates: the robustness of female embryos.

Throughout the life course, girls and women are generally hardier than boys and men.

At every age from birth to age 100, boys and men die in greater proportions than girls and women.

Epidemiological evidence also suggests that the female survival advantage actually begins in utero.

These more robust female embryos may be better able to withstand stresses to pregnancy, the new paper argues, including stresses caused by relationship conflict.


And now for some plain ol’ WTFery… Donut capers stymie police in Oregon – So, this is closer to the type of stories we usually share with each other, lol. Apparently somebody in Oregon is on the loose and they have baked goods! Beware! You, too, may be smeared with jelly or covered with sprinkles!

Police in a Portland suburb have a sticky situation on their hands: for more than a month, mysterious vandals have been smearing pastries on cars, depositing donuts in lawns and leaving cakes strewn about the streets.

According to Hillsboro police, the baked-goods bandits first struck on June 1, smearing a maple bar across a car windshield.

In the weeks since, the pastry perpetrators have occasionally turned to healthier fare, leaving yogurt, bread and potato salad on vehicles and in driveways, although most of the incidents have involved sweets, said police spokesman Lieutenant Mike Rouches.

Amateur sleuths within the neighborhood collected frosting and sprinkles, and traced pastries back to at least two supermarkets in the area.

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