WTFery in the News: 07-Aug-2014

August 7, 2014 Randomnessosity, WTFery in the News 0

Korean restaurant in Beijing found reusing customers’ leftover food – This is just disgusting. Simply disgusting. A restaurant in China was caught serving leftover and contaminated food to customers – like raw fish picked up from the ground after it had been stepped on and/or kicked. *shudder* No more Korean BBQs for me.

A Korean barbecue restaurant in Beijing was exposed by reporters for serving leftover food and fish abandoned on the ground near trash bins to customers.

…The reporters found that staff of the restaurant would collect uncooked food remains, particularly meat from other customers’ trays, and serve them.

That day, after the lunch rush, more than 10 trays were filled with food remains from other customers, including fish, lunch meat, prawns, beef and watermelon slices. The trays of food were taken to the back of the kitchen, where staff would tidy up the appearance, then taken out again from the front kitchen to the food area.

“All these food remains and uncooked food need to be sent to the back kitchen and taken out from the front kitchen. Then, no one suspects anything,” one staff member explained to one of the reporters undercover.

Officials: Indiana sheriff gave prostitute uniform – Who says cops don’t like to have fun? Especially the illegal kind of fun… They don’t call it “The World’s Oldest Profession” for nothing.

A southern Indiana sheriff accused of patronizing a prostitute gave the woman a deputy’s badge and uniform so she could get hotel discounts, then later encouraged her to get rid of the evidence, authorities said Tuesday.
Rodden’s arrest came just weeks after a suburban Indianapolis sheriff resigned over his own relationship with a prostitute.

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