WTFery in the News: 04-Aug-2014

August 4, 2014 Randomnessosity, WTFery in the News 0

Girl Spent 9 Years in Garage, Fed Only Bread and Water by Foster Parents in Cult – This just shows that all the foster systems need a LOT of work. A lot.

When officers removed the girl from the garage she weighed fewer than 45 pounds. Reportedly, her foster parents only fed her bread and water during her entire nine year captivity.

The girl said she had only been outside of the garage twice, and was kept in the garage with a monkey and dog. The girl claimed that whenever her foster parents would feed the animals—seemingly leftovers of their own meals—she would be physically abused if she tried to eat any. The foster parents have since been arrested and charged with abuse and slavery. The girl is recuperating in intensive care in a Buenos Aires hospital.

Think your HOA is strict? Try an Asian city – I live in an HOA community…and it’s quite annoying most of the time. I could not imagine having to deal with THIS:

Crystal Nanavati, a blogger from Boston who moved to Singapore in 2010, once got a visit from a “mosquito inspector” who wanted to check for stagnant water in her home. The inspector examined her balconies, bathrooms and planters, looking for areas ripe for mosquitoes — carriers of the deadly dengue fever. Though he didn’t find anything that warranted the standard $200 fine, he noted a vase of dying flowers from her recent wedding anniversary. “He told me to deal with the flowers that day,” says Nanavati, who lives in a 1,400-square-foot apartment in the central district near Orchard Road with her husband and children. “That the state can come in and evaluate your house, even for a public health risk, is awkward at best.”

In some of Asia’s fastest-growing and most densely populated cities, developers, building managers and municipal authorities have implemented a variety of rules and regulations to keep residential life running smoothly. That can mean strict guidelines governing everything from cooking to pet ownership to elevator use — a bewildering tangle of laws for expats and other new arrivals.

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