Wine: Villa Jolanda Moscato and Coconut (white)

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Wine: Villa Jolanda Moscato and Coconut (white)
Brilliant, straw-yellow color, quite intense. Delicate and sweet, coconut flavored. Perfect with dessert and especially with pastries.



My husband and I received this bottle of Villa Jolanda Moscato and Coconut champagne as a gift. I would have never purchased this wine as I hate coconut with a passion – but as hubby loves coconut, we decided to give it a whirl. How coconut-y can it be, really?

The answer to that question is VERY. VERY, VERY COCONUT. O_O

The first smell was sickeningly sweet coconut. I didn’t let that stop me as I figured it wouldn’t taste that way.


The first taste was a horrible mouthful of frothy coconut-sweet…stuff. It tasted like Malibu Rum but thinner and frothy. Bless me, I was disgusted.

Hubby didn’t care for it either (which surprised me) but he liked it a little more than I. I had a few sips, he drank a whole glass…then we tossed the rest. Yuck.

Obviously, I won’t revisit this one.

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