Wine: Hobson Estate “Merlot”

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Wine: Hobson Estate “Merlot”
This carefully developed Merlot boasts of complex and broad flavors. Blueberry, plum, and raspberry aromas are just the beginning of what makes this wine special. Add a whisper of dark chocolate to its taste, and this excellent wine created on the West hills of the valley, is sure to please any palate.

Winemaking Notes
Harvesting the grapes at precisely the right time is one of the more crucial elements in developing a good Merlot. These grapes have a tendency to over ripen very quickly, which can greatly impact the acidity level, aging process and fruit body. We regularly test the grapes to ensure they are picked at the perfect time and then briefly age them in oak to add some complexity to the already broad flavor.

I love a good Merlot. It’s one of my favorite wines.

I received this Hobson Estate Merlot as a part of a wonderful little gift basket I received for Christmas. I loved the entire basket – especially since it came with five bottles of wine! Getting a wine gift basket for Christmas is…the best thing ever. It makes sure you have bottles (that aren’t noted as favorites) for guests and it gives you a new vineyard to taste.

This Merlot is a deep burgundy color and it shines like a jewel when the light hits it.

I was surprised at how sweet it was at the very first taste. But I liked it. 🙂 It was sweet with a hint of tartness.

The label says it contains hints of: black cherry, ripe plums, blackberry pie, cloves, rich mocha, and a berry finish.

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