Wine: Blüfeld Riesling (white)

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Wine: Blüfeld Riesling (white)
Try something nü! blüfeld, a Riesling from the world-renowned region of Mosel, Germany, was inspired by the stunning blue slate soil of vineyards in Mosel, and its name translates to “blue fields.” Blüfeld pairs beautifully with spicy cuisine, sushi, salads or light appetizers, and is perfect for everyday enjoyment.

Inspired by the stunning blue slate soil of German vineyards, medium-sweet Blüfeld combines citrus, peach and floral aromas, a juicy mid-palate and a crisp, refreshing finish.

The label and package are outstanding but blüfeld Riesling is far more than just another eye-catching blue bottle. blüfeld is the latest release from the legendary Mosel Region of Germany and the 2009 vintage is being called ‘one of history’s great vintages’. Although it is known as ‘the grape of Germany’, Rieslings continue to gain popularity in the United States as more people discover the wide range of Riesling styles. German Rieslings are famous for quality that can deliver bone-dry acidity to fruit forward juicy profiles and the complex climates and adjusted harvests make for most interesting interpretations. blüfeld Vineyards is located above the Mosel River and is named for the unique blue slate terroir that reflects sun, warms vines and allows grapes to ripen to the perfect point of sweetness.

Because the blue slate helps protect the vines from the cold autumn weather, blüfeld is typically harvested in mid-October, a month later than most white varietals, and at the peak of Riesling ripeness. Every region is capable of producing both dry and sweet versions but blüfeld satisfies the balanced palate and is crisp and refreshing. blüfeld has aromas of citrus, peach, floral notes and a juicy fresh mid-palate is balanced by hints of mineral acidity and a sweet, lingering finish. blüfeld falls in the middle spectrum with a designation of medium-sweet on the scale developed by the International Riesling Foundation. blüfeld pairs perfectly with spicy cuisines that may challenge drier wines.

blüfeld is the first German wine to be released by Constellation Wines U.S. and is the creation of Group Winemaker, Alejandro Wainer. Wainer worked with a select group of Mosel growers to create a wine that is one of the region’s best at a very competitive price. In accordance with the German system for wine classification, blüfeld joins a distinct group of wines to be qualified as QbA (Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete); a qualification that recognizes specific quality standards and show clear regional attributes. According to Wainer, “blüfeld’s flavor profile makes it a great partner for many foods, from salads to smoked or salty foods or for simple grilled white meats.”

I think we’ve found another winner!

I really can’t say where (or how) I received this bottle of blüfeld Riesling. It could have been purchased by one of us (me) or it could have been a gift – I just can’t remember now as we’ve had it for a while.

This blüfeld Riesling is a beautiful pale golden color with an amazing fruity scent. The peaches in this wine stand up to be noticed even in the aroma.

The blüfeld Riesling is rather sweet with just a slight hint of tartness – just enough balance to keep it from being a sugary dessert wine. The blüfeld Riesling has a fruity taste as well, the peaches are very present but not overwhelming.

My husband and I both really enjoyed this blüfeld Riesling. It reminded us both of another of our favorite Rieslings – Relax Riesling (they even have similar bottles). I have some plans of grabbing a couple of bottles of each of these to do a taste comparison at some time in the future.

Since my husband and I both enjoyed this wine, I will purchase this again.

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