Wine: A Night Out with two Malbecs – Diseño Malbec (Red)

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Wine: A Night Out with two Malbecs – Diseño Malbec (Red)
Malbec has thrived in Argentina since the 1800s when cuttings were transplanted from their original home in France. Now considered amongst the world's most distinguished red wines, Malbec flourishes in Mendoza.

Argentina's most highly respected vignerons supply Diseño Malbec from old growth vineyards in Mendoza. Vines grow in fertile soil rich with old mineral deposits, irrigated by heavy winter snow melt from the Andes glaciers.

Diseño Malbec is a rich wine with an inviting bouquet of stone fruit. A hint of coffee complements the blueberry, spice and chocolate flavors.

As I mentioned in a previous post, A Night Out with two Malbecs – Altos del Plata Malbec, My husband and I went out with friends for dinner, drinks and great conversation. Our first stop of the night was dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant and a Malbec by Altos del Plata. Our second (and final) stop of the night was a popular local bar and the Diseño Malbec.

This Malbec tasted much lighter (less bodied?) than the Altos del Plata. The Diseño tasted fruity with a hint of berries. I don’t remember much (if any) tartness. While the “lighter” taste wasn’t quite to my personal desire, it wasn’t a bad thing to end the evening with.

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