Wickedly Wanton: A Regency Menage Tale by Kristabel Reed

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Wickedly Wanton: A Regency Menage Tale by Kristabel Reed three-stars
Wickedly Wanton: A Regency Menage Tale by Kristabel Reed
Published by Ravenous Romance on December 13, 2010
Genres: BDSM, Historical, Menage, Romance
Format: eBook
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Sabine Stanton has struggled all her life to be the prim and proper English miss. She knows she must marry a man older than her father, but doesn't want to go to her marriage bed untutored in the ways of sex. When Aiden, Lord Severn, catches her kissing her closest girlfriend, Faith, he offers to show the two of them one afternoon's worth of erotic delights.

Aiden is intrigued with Sabine, her wantonness, her desire to experience life, even the protection and love she shows her friend. One afternoon isn't enough, but she's promised to another. Intent on having her, Aiden sets out to destroy the other man and have Sabine to himself.

Faith has always loved Sabine, and with her impending marriage knows she'll never have the chance to show her closest friend just how much. Jumping at Aiden's offer of an afternoon together, she realizes she can't give up Sabine. Vowing to do whatever it takes to keep her friend happy and sated, Faith doesn't imagine the danger their happy threesome will stir...

One of the best things about reading Regency and historical romances is the tension that builds up between the hero and heroine due to their environment. The couple can only meet here and there, steal kisses (among other things). They have to hide any impropriety from all prying eyes. I have to say that my familiarity with historical romances made me expect that type of environment. I expected more build up of sexual tension, characterization and plot before jumping right into sex.

The writing in this book is great, however. Kristabel Reed has a great style and kept the pace of the book flowing briskly; I really felt that I could “see” a lot of the scenes as they were taking place. There is a lot of action taking place so the reader never has a chance to get bored. The sex scenes are well written and well thought out. I especially enjoy the first sex scene with three together; it was inventive, sexy and fun.

The major issue with this story is that it is just too short. There are a lot of great plot ideas in this book: Sabine’s relationship with her father, Sabine’s relationship with Faith, Aiden & Sabine’s relationship, Aiden, Sabine and Faith’s relationship, submission and domination as well as the dastardly Mr. Riddick. Considering the sheer amount of plot strings to pull, this book should have been a lot longer. I wanted to see more: more tension between the primary characters, more socialization with non-essential characters and more of Faith. Faith really got the short end of the stick in this book. From reading the blurb I expected to see a lot of Faith (and I did) but I expected her to have a real part to play in the storyline. Faith was more of a secondary character than a primary character, however. I was hoping for a true relationship between all three characters. Instead the relationship is very one-sided. This book is really about two people: Aiden and Sabine. Faith plays third fiddle to Sabine throughout the book.

The shortness of the story made the characterizations feel a bit thin. I don’t feel the book gave me enough time to get attached to the characters. About midway through the book I realized I didn’t really care too much for Sabine or what happened to her. Sabine is the typical romance heroine – she is perfect in every way and everyone is completely obsessed with her. Faith’s character is even thinner than Sabine’s so she’s closer to being a shadow than a good primary/secondary character.

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