Wanton Fire (Horde Wars #2) by Sherri L. King *spoliers*

April 25, 2013 2 stars, ebook, erotica, fantasy romance, goblins, insta-lust, series, TSTL heroine 0

wanton fire

Cinder, Shikar warrior and strongest of the Incinerator Caste, has met his match in Steffy Michanke. He wants her as he has never wanted another and means to have her at any cost. Steffy, a woman with a dark past, wants nothing more than to break free from the sexy being who has vowed to protect her from the creatures that stalk them. Independent to a fault, she vows to deny the love that is promised in Cinder’s fiery kiss, no matter how much she may yearn for it. Danger threatens from every shadow. Love and death walk hand in hand. Cinder and Steffy must join forces. The Daemon Horde is coming.

Wanton Fire is the story of Cinder and Steffy. Steffy is a human DJ who is precognitive and she hears music in her head (nothing more is explained of this). Cinder is a Shikar warrior of the Incinerator caste (this means he can burn anything by touch and he can shoot fireballs from his fingertips). The Shikar is race of humanoids that live near the Earth’s core – in a slightly different dimension. The Shikar police the world gates to keep the Daemon Horde (a race of evil, ugly monsters that feed off of humans) off of the face of the Earth.

The Daemon Horde is getting stronger, faster, and more intelligent. They are developing new powers and getting closer to over-running the Earth.

Steffy and Cinder meet by chance in a club. Cinder is there with his team on a mission, Steffy works there. She realizes something is strange about Cinder and so (like a dumb ass) she follows him. She follows him right into a Daemon Horde fight. Cinder and his team save her but the Daemon Horde has seen her with them. Cinder stays with her to keep her safe.

There are a lot of things that happen in this book that I don’t really remember rolling my eyes at the first time…but this time I spent most of the read with my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I must have forced myself to forget this mess to enjoy the book. I really liked the beginning (with the exception that Steffy can be rather stupid) and the first sex scene is hot!

I’m starting to hate re-reads, lol.

I do appreciate the fact that Steffy and Cinder’s relationship had more time to develop than the relationship in the previous book (2 weeks vs. 2 days). The things that got me this time were different:

1 – Cinder radiates heat, lots of heat. So much heat that he incinerates his clothes and burns the bed sheets. So much heat that [during sex] Steffy can “feel its heat burning inside of her, almost to the point of pain”…so how on God’s green earth can he wear a latex condom??! Wouldn’t it just melt inside of her?

2 – Shikar semen is poisonous to human women. It appears that certain human women can have their DNA changed by the semen – becoming Shikar themselves…but they still die in the process and have to be brought back to life by the Traveler finding and retrieving their souls from the “afterlife.”

Ok, got that part?

So Stupid Steffy and Cinder are out in the middle of nowhere because she has a gig. Even though she’s been told several times that the Daemon Horde likes to eat physic humans AND that the Daemon Horde will really want her because she has been seen with the Shikar, Stupid Steffy insists that she go to this gig. *face palm* Of course her car goes dead and she has no cell phone reception where they are stranded. Of course, they are attacked by the Daemon Horde and Stupid Steffy is mortally wounded. The Shikar get her to their home to try to save her but she’s dying. The only way to save her is to turn her into a Shikar (of course). This means semen. Lots of semen.

Now, I would have thought that – since semen was required – that they would just have Cinder jack off and put some in her mouth but ooooh nooo. That would be way too easy. Instead Cinder must have sex with her. WHAT???!!! WTF!! Isn’t Stupid Steffy dying?? Isn’t she mortally wounded and covered in blood and gore? So the author has an entire “gentle” sex scene and I can’t keep from skimming and rolling my eyes again and again and again. WTF!! I can’t read this scene without skimming. I don’t know if it’s a well-written scene or if the sex is hot. All I can remember is that Stupid Steffy is covered in blood, she’s mortally wounded, and they are having sex. Ok, gross.

A solid 2/5 – the relationship had a little more depth but the grossness of certain scenes killed the re-read for me.

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