The Man With the Golden Torc (Secret Histories #1) by Simon R. Green

April 18, 2013 4 Stars, detective fantasy, Fantasy, paperback, series, Urban Fantasy, witches 2

the man with the golden torc

From the “New York Times” bestselling author of the “Deathstalker” and “Nightside” series comes a new kind of hero in an old kind of war. “All those things you hear about as a kid? The boogeyman under the bed? The creature in the closet? They’re for real, people.” Eddie Drood knows they’re for real. His family has kept humanity safe from the things that go bump in the night. For ages, they’ve held back the nightmares, locked the doors, barred the gates, and put righteous boot to monster arse on a nightly basis. But now Eddie’s in trouble. One of his own has convinced the rest of the family that Eddie’s become a menace, and that humanity needs to be protected from him. So he’s on the run, using every trick in the book, magical and otherwise, hoping he lives long enough to prove his innocence. And he knows how dangerous the Droods can be-because he’s one of them.

I loved this book! It started off with a bang (in that way only it kinda reminded me of Monster Hunter International and the pace stayed pretty fast the entire novel. This was my first Simon R. Green novel and he just made a convert. I went out today and purchased 3 more of his books (with plans to buy even more). This is the type of Urban Fantasy that people love – likeable characters, quick pacing, great chases, lots of action and tons of explosions.

The Man with the Golden Torc is the story of Eddie Drood (that’s Bond, Shaman Bond). Descended from a long line of powerful Druids, the Drood Family has been the very secret world police for thousands of years. One of the things that makes the Drood Family so powerful (besides being disgustingly rich) are the torcs that each family member has permanently attached around their necks. These golden torcs – when activated – cover the wearer in an impenetrable suit of living armor that does all types of things. The Droods are also very “Bond-esque“ with lots of super cool Bond/Batman-like weapons and tools.

Eddie is one of the best of the Drood field agents – but he’s kept on a short leash because he is the type to ask too many uncomfortable questions. Eddie is called back to the “loving” bosom of his family in order to be given a very special top secret mission. As soon as he starts off on his mission he is attacked by a large group of people – and then declared rogue by his family (being declared rogue means that the family hunts you down and kills you). The rest of the novel follows Eddie as he tries to figure out why he was declared rogue…and to prove to his family that no one plays the game better than him.

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