The Lion’s Game (John Corey #2) by Nelson DeMille **Spoilers**

April 22, 2013 2 stars, Boring Main Characters, paperback, series, unlikeable main characters 0

the lion's game

Detective John Corey, last seen in Plum Island, now faces his toughest assignment yet: the pursuit and capture of the world’s most dangerous terrorist — a young Arab known as “The Lion” who has baffled a federal task force and shows no sign of stopping in his quest for revenge against the American pilots who bombed Libya and killed his family. Filled with unrelenting suspense and surprising plot twists at every terrifying turn, THE LION’S GAME is a heartstopping race against time and one of Nelson DeMille’s most riveting thrillers.

I started reading The Lion’s Game by Nelson DeMille because my husband requested me to. He’d read it and thought it was pretty good.

The Lion’s Game is the story of Asad Khalil, a Libyan Islamic terrorist on jihad in America. Khalil is being chased by ex-NYPD cop John Corey and his “beautiful new partner” Kate Mayfield. Khalil’s jihad is to kill the men responsible for dropping bombs on a militant terrorist training camp that held women and children. Asad was 16 at the time, his mother and sisters were killed.

Asad pretends to defect to the US, but he instead escapes and begins his jihad.

I might have enjoyed this book more if it wasn’t so long. Somewhere in this book there’s a good 300 page rainy afternoon read…but you have to dig your way through 900 plus pages to get it. Just to make matters worse, the characters were not engaging. John Corey is a smartass who thinks he’s funny. Kate Mayfield is a cardboard character – she even does the whole “I’ll have sex with you even though I know you have a g/f cause I’m ok with that. -has sex- You’re going to break up with your girlfriend, right??” thing. Asad Khalil is completely psychotic (this is not due to the bombing of the camp. Asad was psychotic – and killing innocents – before the bombing took place), but at least he’s interesting. I found myself hoping Khalil and Corey would kill each other off half-way through the book.

The Lion’s Game is billed as a standalone novel but is in reality part of a series. There are several characters and events that are referenced in the book that are not completely explained to the reader.

There are a lot of good and bad things about the book. The good: it’s a good story line, just needs editing. The bad: the book is long and drawn out. It was so loose that there was no tension in the book. It felt like Khalil was taking a calm and scenic killing tour of America. The last 3-5 chapters were pretty tight, a much faster pace.

*****Spoiler Alert! *****

The worse: After fighting your way through 900 plus pages, Asad Khalil gets away!! Oh, God, there’s a sequel. My husband read it, I refuse.

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