Tequila Sunset (Last Call #4.5) by Moira Rogers

April 15, 2013 2 stars, alpha male overload, BDSM, deception plotline, ebook, erotica, friends to lovers, Paranormal Romance, Romance, series, short story/Vignette, weres 0

tequila sunset

Detective and werewolf Zack Elliott visits Last Call to satisfy his need to dominate, but it doesn’t satisfy his unrequited love for a woman he can’t have. Still, he’s managed to keep his desire for her under control until a chance encounter in their apartment building sends him back to the bar for relief. Iris has spent the last two decades living a strict life of self-denial as New York City’s only demon social worker. She lives in fear of the power inside her, and the dark needs that tempted her down a dangerous road before. But love and need are leading her down that path again, and her only hope is to give in to the man she loves and trust that he’s strong enough to keep her safe from the darkness inside.

Sadly, I liked this one the least our of the entire series! Zack was a favorite character from a previous “book” in this series (Tequila Sunrise) and I was hoping for his story. But damn, there was too much anticipation, I guess.

So, to recap the 1st meeting with Zack:

Zack is an Alpha werewolf cop. He’s in love with a human neighbor of his that he can’t touch. He can’t touch her because he is “too dominate, strong and aggressive” to be handled by a fragile human. So he goes to the Last Call to get his rocks off there. We met Zack last as he participated in a menage with an alpha/beta werewolf couple and learn he’s jonesing for his neighbor.

Well, we finally met Zack’s neighbor. And it turns out she’s a demon. And she never made a move because she would do him so good she could send his soul to hell. That plus she would like it too much. WTF? (I felt like the author has been reading Kristen Ashley books. This is one of the dumbest reason’s not to date someone yet.)

And I got my wish…in a way. The author left the stage of the Last Call and moved the action to the heroine’s apartment. Progress!

I felt the domination exhibited by Zack was lite and on the very sugarkink side. Same as the submission. Maybe I’ve read too much BDSM? But the author shouldn’t have made such a big deal out of the D/s and then not even plug in a single cuff. Meh. The struggle the heroine has with her submissive side made me roll my eyes. Meh. MEH, I say!

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