Submission: A Treasury of Women who Like to Give In by Various Authors

May 31, 2013 3.0 Stars, Anthology, BDSM, contemporary, ebook, erotica 0


Control the day, surrender the night.

A collection of explicit erotica about the thrill of power games, erotic control and submitting to the passions of a lover.

The pleasure of surrendering to the will of another, or others, is unique. But who is really in control and who calls the shots? From the head games to the heart flutters and the shivers of pleasure on your skin, this collection of explicit erotica explores the fantasies and experience of female sexual submission.

This was a rather quick read. The stories were all pretty well done and vaguely interesting – for the most part. There is a 1st person story written letter style that I skimmed as that style annoys me.

Most of the stories were rather forgettable with two exceptions:

Best in Show by Rose de Flur ***
You Already Know by Charlotte Stein ****

Best in Show was interesting because I’ve often heard of puppy play but had no clue as to what it was. I feel like I have a much clearer idea as to what it is besides slang, lol.

You Already Know definitely stood out in this anthology. It’s the story of two unlikely lovers and their “courtship.” The two meet in the grocer the heroine works at. The hero seems to be some sort of bully-boy for a someone and he meets the heroine as he’s tossing someone across the counter. O_o

What touched me about this story was the ending:

‘How come you never answer?’ he wants to know. ‘I ask you a question, you never answer. Afraid the answer’s yes, huh? Don’t wanna get caught out saying yes to the likes of me.’

He’s smiling, though, when I look at him. The teasing smile that tells me that I don’t have to really say – and then I realize. It floods through me, the understanding of how he is different to every other guy I’ve been with.

‘I never have to answer with you,” I say, and I think of those big arms of his holding me as I fall down, down into this sea of strange love. ‘You already know.’

There was just something about this that made me happy. I truly believe that everyone deserves someone to love them to distraction (and that that person exists). And it was so nice to watch someone who is often misunderstood based on the way they look (a bully-boy) find someone to love him in that way. If more “different” or misunderstood people could locate the person (people) who loves them to distraction…the world would be a better place.

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