So, I workout and stuff…

July 1, 2013 Life, Misc, Randomnessosity 0

One of my constant fights with myself is exercise. I don’t want to do it. Ever.

Then I look at my family health history and realize I HAVE to do it.

So I start working out and then I hurt myself. All the time. This is just what I do.

2012 I pulled an upper hamstring in August(?) and it was so bad I couldn’t workout for almost a year.

2013 I started again. Sometime around Feb/Mar/April. Not really sure cause I was super sick at the time and prone to making bad decisions.

Man, I jumped into it! I was doing some serious cross training! All up in that bitch! Running, and using a barbell and using dumbbells and kettlbelling my ass off.

And then…


My hamstring (the old one) started twinging. And then I suddenly I had Runner’s Knee and here I am…icing myself down. Again.

This time, I promised myself I’d be smarter. I’m seeing a physical therapist. I’m strengthening my hammies. I’m stretching and foam rolling (which hurts!!) and icing and even soaking myself in hot tubs of water.

What this will mean? Gaaah! Probably an exponential increase in ice pack purchases… 🙁

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