Review: Skye’s Submission by Carolyn Faulkner

March 29, 2013 2 stars, alpha male overload, Book Review, domestic discipline, erotica, Romance 0 ★★

Review: Skye’s Submission by Carolyn Faulkner two-stars
Skye's Submission by Carolyn Faulkner
Published by Blushing Books on March 14, 2012
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 244
Format: eBook
Skye Sommers had come to Rourke Danville beaten but not broken, and he had stepped up and rescued her – a complete stranger to him. He'd rented one of his houses, on his own land, to her and then, when the situation between herself and her attacker had become heated, he'd not so much as batted an eye at opening his own house to her. In fact, it had been much more like he hadn't given her a choice about whether or not she was going to come to stay with him, because he'd already begun putting his size 13 triple E's down, or rather his triple extra large palm down on her bottom when he deemed it necessary to gain her cooperation in any given matter, or to correct what he considered to be disobedient behavior – which seemed to be anything that disagreed with him. And he certainly wasn't going to hesitate to do so when it was a matter of her personal safety. Quite the contrary.

She nearly snorted as she remembered that he'd threatened to spank her within about five minutes of having met her, which almost had her running screaming in the opposite direction. And now, here she was, long after the event that had freed her from having to worry about Mark Mercer for several decades as he languished in jail, waiting for the first stroke of that wicked looking quirt of his to fall.

This book was originally published on Spanking Romance as "Skyes Submission, Book One", "Skye's Submission, Book Two", and "Skye's Submission, Book Three: The Wedding".

I’m rather sad about this book. It had a lot more promise that it delivered.

Rating: I started with 5 stars for this book but a humongous editing error required an automatic 1 star deduction. The highest rating I could give this book was 4 stars.

So, to start with the auto-deduction: As an FYI, I’m no grammar/editing freak. If I notice it…it’s a huge freaking glowing-neon error.

The author set up a scene where the hero was about to spank the heroine. Before he starts he gives an inspection…so her jeans are already unzipped and pulled down. Then he has her place both her panties and her jeans in a dresser drawer. Her panties were pink polka dot. Suddenly, the hero is unzipping her jeans and pulling off her clothes. Her panties changed to pink lace. – It’s all the same scene so it was extremely annoying and distracting.

There is at least one other editing issue like this in the book from what I can recall.

The book is fine for the most part. If you are not looking for anything deep or serious in your romances I’m sure this would be a decent book for the spank bank. Sadly for me, I expect a lot more…so I get disappointed quite often.

One of the major issues I had with this book was the hero and the fact that he is some type of ex-special forces military.


This author made my military look bad.

This is the first [romance] book in which a hero described as any type of former special forces has someone get the serious drop on him. Not just once…not just twice…but three times! And two of those times were by non military! Just to add insult to injury…the hero is supposed to be loaded and rocking top notch technology. O_o Yet and still…lots of people are running up on the happy couple with guns and bullets. So not like any romance special forces I’m used to.

Another problem I had with this book was the constant comparison between the heroine’s stalker ex and the hero. Supposedly the stalker ex was the super bad guy…but the heroine often compared the two men…and the things they said/did were quite similar. At the end of the day…the real difference between the two men seemed to be in Skye’s head…and that made a difficult read for me as I watched Skye get punished for daring to do things (like pay for groceries) when the groceries (and payment for) were not discussed prior. Maybe I’ve read too much BDSM where rules are laid down first and then punishment is given if those rules are broken. Instead of laying down whatever rule Skye was supposed to follow…Rouke just paddled her ass and told her it was because he loved her and wanted a long term relationship. Ummm, that’s as clear as mud.

Timeline continuity was also an issue in the beginning. The beginning had an odd opener where the book started in the present and then flashed back to the past and then back to the present. This was an issue because the back and forth made it difficult to remember that the hero and heroine had known each other for roughly a month before he decides to take the heroine across his knee.

But – to call a spade a spade – I would have been fine with all of this (except the military thing) if the hero didn’t practice orgasm withdrawal on the heroine. I just can’t get down with that, sorry. I can get with the “no orgasm during punishment” thing…but no orgasm period? Just for shits and giggles? WTF? Reading an entire erotica where the heroine gets a handful of orgasms is a complete bore for me.

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