Sheepfarmer’s Daughter by Elizabeth Moon

April 2, 2013 4 Stars, Book Format, ebook, Epic Fantasy, Military Fantasy, series, Sword & Sorcery, woman warrior 0

sheepfarmers daughter

Paksenarrion—Paks, for short—refuses her father’s orders to marry the pig farmer down the road and is off to join the army. And so her adventure begins—the adventure that transforms her into a hero remembered in songs, chosen by the gods to restore a lost ruler to his throne.

Sheepfarmer’s Daughter is book 1 of The Deed of Paksenarrion.

Paksenarrion is the daughter of a sheepfarmer. Her father plans to marry her off to a local pig farmer but Paks has other ideas. She dreams of being a valiant soldier on a trusty warhorse. She and her father fight, then she runs off and joins Duke Phelin’s mercenary army.

Once Paks joins the army she learns much of what it really means to be a soldier. She is often tired and hurt – and several of her friends die. Paks also learns she is a good soldier and quickly rises within the ranks. In the midst of this learning phase in her life Paks learns about St. Gird from a friend, Canna.

St. Gird is the saint of a certain type of solider – the ones who become paladins (which is what Paks dreams of). These paladins fight for good and have a bit of magic.

At first Paks doesn’t like the idea of St. Gird but when she and two of her friends – Canna and Saben – have to save their army from the Honeycat (a ruthless torturing army leader that worships evil gods), she begins to realize that St. Gird might like the idea of her.

I really like this book. Paks is a great character (a little bit of a Mary Sue but still a great character) and the book has a pretty fast pace. The army that Paks joins is an army of mostly foot – so the author describes the world the way a traveling foot soldier would see it. The world is a blur of dusty roads broken up by villages and cities. This does not take away from the story at all. To me it enhances the story because the reader is seeing through Paks eyes (and as a solider her eyes are always to the front).
4 Stars!

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