Ruling Passion (Passions, #1) by Katherine Kingston

June 19, 2013 2 stars, Boring Main Characters, damsel in distress, domestic discipline, ebook, erotica, Gary Stu Alert, Historical, Insta-love, Mary Sue Alert, Meh, Romance, series 0

ruling passion

During a daring raid to rescue prisoners he was hired to free, Lord Jeoffrey Blaisdell discovers Lady Rosalind Hamilton. To secure her own release as well, she agrees to his price, though she knows she cannot pay it. When he learns of her deception, Jeoffrey offers her an alternate price for rescue…

The payment is to be reaped by Lord Jeoffrey in his bedchambers—swiftly, immediately, and all night long.

This was a rather disappointing book. The book starts with the heroine being stuck in a dungeon – she is being jailed after watching her entire family get murdered by a new “lord” of the manor. The lord plans to marry her and has tormented and jailed her to wear down her will. The “hero” recuses her in a group – for ransom. When he later finds out that she does not have the money she offered – she has to pay twice. Once for lying to him (that requires a beating with bundles of birch sticks) and once for the ransom he should have received (he’ll take her virginity for that, thank you very much).

This beginning set the tone for an eyeball rolling experience. There was no real tension in the book. No character building or anything. Lots of Mary/Marty Sues to go around.

The “I love you’s” started at about ½ the way through the book…so it was also a bit boring. There was just a bunch of excuses to spank the heroine. Now, I don’t have a problem with spanking (when done right it can be both sexy and fun)…but dang! Can it be a little less silly?? The ending was pretty much expected so the plot device used to cause tension for the “big mistake” at the end was…pffffft.

To be honest, it reminded me a lot of He Calls Her Jasmine for some reason.

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