Review: Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #20 by Alex de Campi & Neil Googe (Illustrator)

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Review: Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #20 by Alex de Campi & Neil Googe (Illustrator) five-stars
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #20 by Alex de Campi, Neil Googe (Illustrator)
Published by DC Comics on December 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Pages: 23
Format: Paperback
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"Venus Rising" part 1 of 2. Diana agreed to represent the Justice League as the first space station for harvesting Venusian fuel gases is brought online. But the entrepreneur in charge of the project may be hiding something, and he's not the only one...Venus itself has some big surprises in store!

I’m not much of a comic book or graphic novel reader. I can’t really deal with all the pictures and colors – a little too much stimulation for me.

I will read the occasional comic, however. Especially if I’m excited about the content. So it should come as no surprise that I was VERY excited about the content of Wonder Woman #20. This episode featured all types of bad ass commentary and Wonder Woman…being wonderful, of course!

I learned about #20 from the blog wood turtle: wonder woman’s bad hijab day. The excerpts that wood turtle provided had me almost bouncing up and down in my seat. 😀

ww #20 pic 2

So excited! I loved the commentary and I loved the hijab and I loved that the issue showed two women discussing some of the bullshit that women have to deal with:

WW #20 pic 1

So, even though I don’t read comics, I went searching for this one right away! It took forever to locate – it was released in December 2014 as a digital first and I wanted a hardcopy. I finally got my grubby little paws on a hardcopy in February….and it was GLORIOUS. So.Much.Awesome.

All I really can say at this point is…go buy a copy!

Note: This episode is volume #7 in the print version.

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