Review: Lion and the Falcon (Furry United Coalition #4) by Eve Langlais

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Review: Lion and the Falcon (Furry United Coalition #4) by Eve Langlais four-stars
Lion and the Falcon by Eve Langlais
Series: Furry United Coalition #4
Published by Eve Langlais on May 6, 2013
Genres: Erotic, PNR, Romance
Pages: 272
Format: eBook
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What’s a poor feline to do when trouble strikes from every direction?

Find a pillow and a patch of sunlight for a relaxing nap, or realize that sometimes a lion needs to make new rules and show a stubborn falcon he’s more than just a handsome kitty?

Avian Soaring Security has transferred Clarice to the Furry United Coalition so she can help track some escaped psycho patients. As if that weren’t bad enough, they partnered her with the very pampered Dr. Manners. Everything about the attractive feline annoys her, except for his flaming hot kisses. But is passion enough to keep a usually sparring species together?

Nolan’s pedigree isn’t the only thing preventing him from falling for his sexy partner. She’s bossy, violent, rude and oh so intriguing to this curious cat, but his meddlesome mother will never allow him to get involved with a bird. But before he can decide if love is worth bucking pride tradition, he needs to stay out of the clutches of a demented ex-patient.

Lion and the Falcon is the thirteenth (13) book I’ve read using the Scribd service and the fourth book in the Furry United Coalition (FUC) series by Eve Langlais. This book is currently on sale at Kobo for $3.99. I am a long standing Eve Langlais fan so I did not discover her via Scribd.

NOTE: This book is no longer available via Scribd.

THIS one was hilarious. The puns, oh, God the puns. I was dying the entire time. There are a lot of acronyms in this series – the biggest one being the series title (Furry United Coalition = FUC). In Lion and the Falcon Langlais adds a new acronym: ASS (Avian Soaring Security). The use of FUC and ASS throughout Lion and the Falcon forced me to read numerous passages aloud to my husband…who (in addition to being annoyed that I kept interrupting him) did not find the puns as funny as I did. Strange man, lol.

To be honest, it’s been a little time since I’ve read this one – I can’t really remember the specifics (and the book has been pulled from Scribd) – but I do remember enjoying this one a lot. I spent a lot of time laughing (out loud) my ass off. And honestly, isn’t that part of the point?

I did find Clarice a bit more prickly that I personally prefer…but I loved her attitude something fierce. OMG. Near the end of the book there’s a scene where Clarice is confronting the bad guy. Normally this is where the bad guy gets to have his “look how brilliant I am” monologue before the fight. Clarice basically says fuck it and kills the bad guy before the fight could start. OMG. The cheering I did was audible…and annoying (according to hubby).

I LOVED Nolan’s mother. Especially at the end. I’m laughing right now just thinking about it! I’m giving some thought into buying a copy of this one to keep…

Yeah. If you’re looking for laugh out loud funny AND you don’t mind puns…this one is RECOMMENDED!



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