Ravenous (Horde Wars #1) by Sherri L. King

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In a small Southern town where everyone knows everybody else’s business, Cady Swann has managed to keep a few secrets to herself…among them, the fact that every night for the past fifteen years she’s been protecting the town-probably the world-from a monstrous invasion of nether-worldly beasts. Unfortunately for Cady, someone has discovered her secret. Someone-or something-not quite human. Obsidian is a warrior, proud and fierce. He wants Cady to join his army in the war against their common foe. He also wants her to join him in his bed, to tempt and delight her into tying her life to his and leaving her world behind…forever.

Ravenous is the story of Cady and Obsidian (Sid). Cady is a human blessed with physic powers, super human speed and super human strength. Her family was killed in a Daemon Horde (a race of evil, ugly monsters that feed off of humans) attack on her home when she was a teenager. For 15 years she has fought the Daemon Horde in secret, trying to keep her small home town safe from destruction.

Obsidian is a Shikar warrior. The Shikar is race of humanoids that live near the Earth’s core – in a slightly different dimension. The Shikar police the world gates to keep the daemon horde off of the face of the Earth.

Cady and Obsidian meet when Obsidian is sent by his leader to convince Cady to join with the Shikar to fight the Daemon Horde.

I’ve read this book and it’s sequels before but read it again for a group read. I enjoy the characters – Cady is tough and spunky but not bitchy – but I’d forgotten how much of a dick Obsidian was at the beginning of the book. In the normal course of things I never have a problem with instant attraction – it’s the foundation that PNRs are built on – but I hated how quickly Cady & Obsidian fell into bed together after the way he treated her when they first met. He was a total asshat but he barely apologized (even when he knew he was wrong) before they were having sex.

There are a few eyeball rolling moments (of course) but there’s not a PNR I’ve read yet that doesn’t have any, lol. A solid 3/5 stars – it could have been higher if the relationship between Cady & Obsidian had been a little more developed.

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  1. undefinedscott

    I try to avoid PNR because my experience with them quickly becomes more Romance than anything else. Does the story get pushed to the side once they hook up or is it steady?

  2. MrsJoseph

    It’s both. There’s a heavy romance/sex focus but the book does end the plot point it started with. Since this is a series, the entire plot arc is not completed in this book. There are standard 1st book in a series world building issues as well.

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