Rainy Mornings, Suicidal Earthworms and Guilty Re-reads: Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie

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Rainy Mornings, Suicidal Earthworms and Guilty Re-reads: Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie four-half-stars
Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie
Published by Harlequin on February 1, 2007
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover
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A timeless tale from the first name in romantic comedy - Jennifer Crusie!

Must be Rich, Handsome, and Successful

Kate Svenson is attractive, successful, a brilliant businesswoman - and miserable. After three failed engagements, she realises it's time for a PLAN...and organised, detailed agenda with a clear goal: finding Mr. Right.

The Cabins resort is ripe with eligible bachelors, all rich, distinguished and ambitious - just her type. And they're dropping like flies around her...at least, that's how Jake Templeton views the situation. After he's stuck pulling her latest reject out of the swimming pool, Jake's convinced this femme fatale is trouble. Especially for him.

But can a man who's sworn off ambition for good and a woman hanging from the top of the corporate ladder find common ground in the unpredictable territory called the heart, where the word proposal takes on a very different meaning...?

There are few things that are more stressful for me in the mornings that walking my dog after it rains.

The earthworms are everywhere and I try diligently not to step on them but they just seem to keep coming for my boots as if they want to be squished. So I find myself tiptoeing around earthworms with my head to the ground more so than watching where I’m going.

All of the earthworms trying to commit suicide by boot suddenly reminded me of Manhunting by Jenny Crusie and I decided it was time for reread.

I think the reason why the earthworms reminded me of Manhunting was that the two main characters of Manhunting both spent a lot of time fishing (read: laying in a boat while pretending to fish).

My “Mt. TBR” is so incredibly long that I inevitably feel some guilt when I decide to re-read a book that I’ve read numerous times before. I often feel this guilt because I know there’s so many things that I haven’t read yet and there so many books I’ve promised to read and yet here I am [re]reading a book again.

I reviewed Manhunting in 2013. The review is…barely there at best but it did capture my feelings at that time (I was knee deep in a Jenny Crusie glom). The initial chapter of Manhunting is underwhelming – especially when compared to other Crusie books like Agnes and the Hitman. Kate (the heroine) didn’t really start to catch me until the second chapter. Kate was (appropriately dressed, of course) outside at a poolside mixer (I’ve been to some of these – horrible, horrible things) when a fellow resort goer starts to get drunk and begins to harass her.

Many a single woman has been in this position: she’s supposed to be looking for a connection but the only guy giving her any real play is grabby and/or annoying and/or drunk. Sadly for Kate, this guy was all three. After a few moments of debating with herself, Kate shoves his drunken, handsy tail into the pool. *huge grin*

And I was hooked. Jenny Crusie grabbed my attention at that point and never let it go. I’m sure I’m not the only woman who wanted to do such a thing to such a man. Especially with the classy way she did it. Kate gave him a nice warning and then calmly shoved him into the pool. Classic.

The rest of Manhunting follows Kate on a series of dating misadventures: cheating golfers (heart attack), snobby businessmen (fork to the hand), nice guys (downhill roll) and even a town drunk (bottle to the head). Kate’s hands were full as she attempted dating while hanging out with her “brother-like, good pal” Jake. LOVE.

There are a lot more facets to Manhunting – including the great scenes at Nancy’s Bar and Kate learning more about herself – but my favorite parts are the dates and Kate + Jake.

I’ve re-read Manhunting on several occasions now. Even more than Agnes and the Hitman (which is an acknowledged favorite) so I decided to do a bit of a re-review and up the score on this book from 4 to 4.5 stars.

If you enjoy RomCom, Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie should be right up your alley!


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      Hope you enjoy your read! I ended up pulling “Getting Rid of Bradley” off the shelf, too. I really should read some new books, lol!

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