Review: You Gotta Be Shifting Me (Bear Bites #5) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: You Gotta Be Shifting Me (Bear Bites #5) by Ruby Dixon two-half-stars
You Gotta Be Shifting Me by Ruby Dixon
Series: Bear Bites #5
Published by Ruby Dixon on June 1st 2016
Genres: Erotic, Romance
Format: eBook
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There are few things that are off limits to the were-bears of Pine Falls, but humans are one of them. Not that it's stopping these alphas from finding their mates! Included in this anthology are five steamy, ultra-hot novellas of big, burly shifters brought to their knees by the women they love.

Includes a never-before-seen bonus story, entitled YOU GOTTA BE SHIFTING ME, in which a naughty librarian shows a gruff were-bear that he can't steal her honey and get away with it.

So. I’ve been reading the Bear Bites series via Kindle Unlimited. The entire series can be read separately or in the SHIFT omnibus – I went with the omnibus. You Gotta Be Shifting Me is currently only available as a part of the omnibus, however.

You Gotta Be Shifting Me is barely just ok. For some reason, none of the books in the Bear Bites series really did much for me. There wasn’t enough world building for me to get that “series” or “same universe” feel – they felt connected more by the shifter type than anything else. You Gotta Be Shifting Me is probably my least favorite in the series – there’s deception between the MCs – and although the deception is only between them and is more like deceiving themselves…still. Not my favorite.

But I made it to the end! Yaaaay me!

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