Review: Wyvern by Grace Draven

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Review: Wyvern by Grace Draven three-stars
Wyvern by Grace Draven
Published by Amber Quill Press on January 1, 2007
Genres: Erotic, Fantasy Romance, PNR, Romance
Pages: 126
Format: eBook
Elsbeth Weaver, a talented fiddler, gave up the man she loved to care for her ailing grandfather. Now, eight years later, she must risk her life to save her grandfather from a lynching, by playing for the wyvern that has terrorized her village throughout the summer. When she comes face-to-face with the beast at the haunted cliffs of Maldoza, she is both terrified and fascinated. Something about the creature reminds her of her long-lost lover, something more than just a shared name.

Alaric has never forgotten nor stopped loving the human woman he left in a dusty village almost a decade earlier. So when he meets her again on the cliffs, wearing old dragon armor and playing her fiddle as if her heart would break, he is overjoyed.

But Elsbeth never knew the man to whom she had given herself was only an illusion for the wyvern. Alaric must convince her that the heart of the beast is no less devoted than the heart of the man, and that leaving her a second time will not last another decade.

Genres: Fantasy / Shapeshifter

Wyvern is one of Grace Draven‘s earlier works and it’s obvious. Maybe not to those who haven’t read Ms Draven before, but for those of us who have, it’s pretty obvious. It’s not in the writing – which is rather smooth as is normal – but it is in the…tone of the tale itself.

I want to start this review with an admission: I own waaay more Grace Draven than I’ve read. A lot more, to be honest. I’ve only actually read three of her works to completion. But though my experience is a little limited, I can say that Ms Draven currently enjoys deploying a darker atmosphere than found in Wyvern.

Wyvern is different for the typical shifter book we get now. Firstly, it’s a Wyvern and not a Dragon. The wyvern – Alaric – can shift into a human but he is not a human, he is a wyvern. Currently most of our shifters are equally man and beast – with authors making their nature more human than animal even though they have a duel nature. The wyvern in this story is not a human or a wyvern/human shifter hybrid – he uses magic to allow him to take the form of a human for limited amounts of time. Very cool and different.

Wyvern is the story of Elsbeth and Alaric. Elsbeth is a weaver and fiddler in a small village. She lives alone with her ailing grandfather – who she gave up a great love in order to care for. When Wyvern opens, Elsbeth is facing down a mob who wants to lynch her grandfather. A dragon has been plaguing the village – killing livestock and any foolhardy enough to challenge it. The mob has convinced themselves that Elsbeth’s grandfather is to blame because he once killed a dragon. Elsbeth later finds out that the “dragon” is a wyvern and that it can talk. Elsbeth makes a deal with the wyvern to stop the raids on the village that includes her staying with the wyvern for two weeks, entertaining him with her conversation and her fiddle. Close to the end of the two weeks, Elsbeth learns the wyvern is her long lost beloved, Alaric. More Things happen, HEA achieved.

So. I enjoyed Wyvern for the most part. It’s rather light though there are hints of the darker atmosphere that will crop up later in Draven’s work. You can see the hints in the plot of the story itself as well as in small things like the background of Elsbeth’s village Elder.

Honestly, the only reason this only gets 3 stars is related to the fact that I’ve come to expect something a little different from Ms Draven and I’m comparing her with herself versus other authors/books. Wyvern is cute but not especially deep.

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