Review: Wrecked (Iron Seas #3.4) by Meljean Brook *light spoilers*

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Review: Wrecked (Iron Seas #3.4) by Meljean Brook  *light spoilers* four-stars
Wrecked by Meljean Brook
Series: Iron Seas #3.4
Published by Meljean Brook on November 25, 2013
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Romance
Pages: 103
Format: eBook
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Elizabeth has spent the past five years running from her father; her father's huntsman, Caius, has spent the past five years pursuing her. But when he finally catches up to her on an airship flying above Europe's zombie-infested cities, Elizabeth discovers that Caius isn't the only danger she has to fear—and now that he's found her, Caius doesn't intend to let her go...

Originally published in the anthology Fire & Frost.

Wrecked is #3.5 in the Iron Seas series by Meljean Brook. I’ve only read the first full length in this series and now two novellas. Strangely, I do have book 2(?) at home waiting to be read.

So. Wrecked. The Iron Seas series is sorta…Steampunk Fantasy Action Romance. Yes. That. lol! It’s a good series but due to the numerous categories it fits in, there is a lot going on – even in the novellas.

In Wrecked the hero and heroine are being chased by the heroine’s insane father. There are steamships and zombies to deal with as well. It’s a very quick but fun little adventure.

I really, really like Ms Brook’s writing in this series but goodness! She does not mind delving into the squicky. The biggest issue I had with the plot of Wrecked is that the heroine is running from her father because he wants to make her over into his [deceased] wife (her mother). That is just…so many different levels of gross I don’t know what to say. I eventually did a bit of skimming to get to the ending because of that.

As I read more of this series, it makes me glad I didn’t give up completely after reading The Iron Duke. I do think I’m working my way up to reading that full length I have at home. 😉

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