Review: What She Needs by Anne Calhoun

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Review: What She Needs by Anne Calhoun four-stars
What She Needs by Anne Calhoun
Published by Spice Books/Spice Briefs on August 1, 2010
Pages: 29
Format: eBook
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When Jack calls and tells me to meet him at the hotel bar, I know two things: he wants to sleep with me, and I will let him.

That's the rule. If I meet him, I do what he asks, when he asks. I'm free to decline his invitation, but if I accept, I'll do what I'm told.

I "always" accept.


This short is HAWT. Anne Calhoun has written another story that just grabs you and doesn’t want to let go.

Shorts rarely work for me, you know. I know I’m often disappointed but I continue to read them because occasionally I run across a short like What She Needs (or an author like Anne Calhoun) and I’m blown away by the mastery of this difficult format.

What She Needs is very short so there’s not much I can say about the story that won’t spoil it. What I can say is that the story is pretty much scorching from start to finish.

“I get on my knees, the industrial carpet leaving imprints in the skin. Heat flares in his eyes as he pulls his sweater over his head and drops it to the floor, then looks down to watch me unbuckle his belt, slide down his zipper. Forget men with guns or clenched fists; if there is an image more symbolic of male power and control than a man looking down on woman kneeling in front him, I haven’t seen it.”

“Each time I see his body, all lean lines sculpted not by heavy muscles but rather by sinews under a thin layer of skin, I am reminded of how unnecessary physical size is to establish male power. I have yet to meet a man with Jack’s presence, the commanding aura compelling and seductive.”

If you are looking for an erotic short that pretty much has it all, I highly recommend What She Needs!

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