Review: What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower by Margaret Killjoy

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Review: What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower by Margaret Killjoy three-stars
What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower by Margaret Killjoy
Published by Combustion Books on June 15, 2011
Pages: 183
Format: Paperback
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Descend into the depths of the undercity and embroil yourself in the political struggles of colonialist gnomes and indigenous goblins. Fly in air balloons, drink mysterious and pleasant cocktails, smoke opium with the dregs of gnomish society. Or dream and speak of liberation for all the races. Fall in love and abscond into the caverns.
It's up to you, because this is an adventure of your own choosing.
From the founder of SteamPunk Magazine and editor of Mythmakers & Lawbreakers (AK Press, 2009) comes this interactive novel of danger, drugs, and revolution.

When I was a kid, “Choose Your Own Adventure” books were one of my favorite kinds of books. They both thrilled me and made me nervous at the same time: the uncertainty that comes with open ended stories always cause me some concern, lol. So I was rather excited when I ran across this adult “Choose Your Own Adventure” book and I snapped it right up.

The premise is pretty simple: the reader is a young male with little money and atrocious habits (drugs, alcohol, etc). You are woken up one night by loud noises and the adventure starts right away. I “read” this book several times – each adventure ending in my death.

The first few read-throughs were fine – fun, actually. But by reads three and four I was…over having only bad decisions to make and over having my only outcome options be death or imprisonment/slavery. It became old rather quick and I began to have an aversion to picking up this book. I’m doing several reading challenges in 2015 and one of those challenges is something I call “DNF Graveyard” for all the DNFs sitting around that need to be handled. This book, goes on the permanent DNF pile. Maybe I’ll pick it up again…but probably it’ll become a conversation starter for guests.

First Read:
OMG! I died by page 100! I somehow joined up with a goblin but died – sober – as slave of the gnomes because I refused to chase down and kill [gnome] children. O_o

Second Read:
Ok, this time I had a pretty good adventure. I still died but I had a blast. I got in a drunken fight with a gnome and some cops, drank some more, stole a hot air balloon and then sniped gnomes from the hot air balloon! When I went out, I went down fighting. *flexes*

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