Review: Walk on the Wild Side by Natalie Anderson *spoilers*

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Review: Walk on the Wild Side by Natalie Anderson *spoilers* two-half-stars
Walk on the Wild Side by Natalie Anderson
Published by Harlequin Presents on April 5, 2011
Genres: Category - Harlequin, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback
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A fling with sinfully hot champion snowboarder Jack Greene isn't Kelsi Reid's normal behavior...but one glimpse of his wicked eyes has Kelsi throwing caution to the deep blue sea (along with her clothes!). After all, who better to go crazy with than a man who deserves a gold medal for his prowess on the slopes "and" in the bedroom...?Then Kelsi crashes down with a terrifying bump--of the baby kind. They couldn't be worse matched--Jack is Mr. Right-Now, while Kelsi craves stability. But it's hard to keep your feet on the ground once you've met the man who turns your world upside down....

Walk on the Wild Side is full of the Romance tropes I hate the most:
*One night stand/fling automatically leading to pregnancy
*beautiful heroine who thinks she’s ugly but other people think she’s beautiful
*beautiful heroine who only believes she’s attractive when the hero tells her

Luckily for me, Walk on the Wild Side did NOT included a secret baby. There is a baby but it’s not a secret baby. Thank goodness.

The heroine, Kelsi, meets the hero, Jack, after she mistakenly hits taps him with her car. Jack tells her he’s fine and they end up going out for coffee and then to a private beach. They have sex and then they both go about their life. One month or so later, Jack pops up and asks if she’s preggers. She takes a test and confirms she is. The remaining portion of Walk on the Wild Side deals with Jack and Kelsi learning about each other and falling in love. But they were sorta already in love. But Kelsi was being difficult since she has major daddy issues. And mommy issues. And self-confidence issues. Let’s just say Kelsi has issues. Jack really doesn’t have many issues – he likes his career, he’s wealthy and he has good friends. Jack also realizes he likes Kelsi. He DOES have a bit of a mommy issue: his mother died in childbirth and he was terrified that delicate Kelsi would do the same.

My issues with Kelsi are numerous: Kelsi dresses in odd clothes and wears weird contacts because she thinks she looks like a freak due to her natural coloring: she’s very pale, she’s delicate (small & short), she has golden eyes and “carrot” red hair from her father. She was picked on as a kid so she thinks she looks extremely unattractive. She dresses and responds to people all based on her perception of her looks. Kelsi has daddy issues because her dad was a jackass who treated her and her mom like garbage and then disappeared to a new family. Kelsi has mommy issues because her mom ragged on her to do everything differently than she did – which somehow equated to Kelsi never really living life.

I also hated that Kelsi never liked anything about herself (physically) until Jack was telling her how beautiful she looked. She even went out with him sans her multiple layers of clothing and sans her weird contacts after Jack tells her how beautiful her eyes are. *gag* I hate this trope because how can someone love you if YOU can’t love you? Either way, Jack makes all of the concessions and then they get their HEA.

One of the most annoying thing in this book (for me) is that after all of the Kelsi mommy and daddy angst…neither of those characters are spoken to during the entire book – but they were the lead plot points. Ugh.

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