Review: Until The Dawn (Nemesis #1) by Desiree Holt & Cerise DeLand

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Review: Until The Dawn (Nemesis #1) by Desiree Holt & Cerise DeLand DNF
Until The Dawn by Cerise DeLand, Desiree Holt
Series: Nemesis #1
Published by Ellora's Cave on September 17th 2010
Pages: 134
Format: eBook
Madison Sommers is sure she has the world in her hands-a great job working for the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, a beautiful townhouse in Georgetown, her ambassador father finally at home rather than at the other end of the world. And in Dan Foreman, a lover she adores. The sex is beyond anything she could have imagined, for Dan knows how to use every part of his body, including his talented hands and mouth, to give her screaming orgasms. She wonders if life could possibly get any better.

Then Dan disappears and her world turns upside down-until he reappears in the dark to addle her brain with the hottest sex she's ever known and a secret that could bring down the country.

NOTE: This review was written prior to my Ellora’s Cave boycott. I decided NOT to remove my review and rating in support of the author – not Ellora’s Cave. I DO NOT suggest purchasing this book from Ellora’s Cave.


This book seems to suffer from WTFitis.

I DNF’d (most of) this book at about 50% because I simply could not torture myself a single sentence longer.

I should have DNF’d this book during the opening chapter. The author spent quite a few paragraphs saying that Maddie (the heroine) was an Ice Queen workaholic…but the reader never sees this side of Maddie. Instead Dan (hero) walks up to her, grabs her hand and pulls her into a staircase of a very public building for some hot sex action. Hi, Dan! Nice to meet you. Great introduction, by the way.

So even though the reader is told “Maddie doesn’t have sex with co-workers” and “Maddie is a workaholic” and “Maddie is an Ice Queen” what we see is Maddie boinking her co-worker of less than a month like a rabbit desperate to have bunnies.

I digress.
I read quite a lot of erotic romance…but I’m starting to have a problem with the whole intro to the characters via a sex scene. Damn. It’s like romance novels are being written by hormonal teenage boys nowadays. Can I get dinner and a movie before I have to put out?? It’s a little hard to believe the connection between two people if they’ve only been on page for less than half a chapter before they’re boinking. One of the most important things for me in a romance (erotic or not) is the connection between the main characters. Please stop taking that away to be replaced with meaningless sex. Please?

I do realize that some authors are so skilled that they can pull off early sex scenes while still showing character connections. But most of them I’ve read so far are not.

Maddie takes Dan home with her where they proceed to have sex all night…but when she wakes he is gone. Maddie spends the entire next day looking for Dan with the single-minded obsession of a dedicated stalker…but when she sees him again it’s only boink city. No real conversation. Somehow, after all the boinking, Maddie tells Dan that she stalked him all day and Dan tells Maddie he’s an undercover FBI agent who’s been set up. Dan needs to find evidence to clear his name and get the bad guy. And Maddie just has to be taken along.

I digress again.
Authors. Please. Stop having clueless untrained people force themselves into dangerous situations for the sake of a plot point. It only makes your character look TSTL (too stupid to live). It doesn’t make the character look brave or spunky or whatever. It makes them look TSTL. And just to be clear…I’m speaking of situations when the clueless untrained character “forces” the clued in and trained character to take Clueless along so that Clueless can “protect” Clued-in. Major. Pet. Peeve.

So, by now I understood that Maddie was TSTL and the sex felt empty because I hadn’t had a chance to get to know the main characters. So I DNF’d this book.

*le sigh*

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