Review: Their Virgin Captive (Masters of Menage, #1) by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

April 10, 2013 2 stars, alpha male overload, BDSM, contemporary, damsel in distress, ebook, erotica, Menage, Romance, series, TSTL heroine 0 ★★

Review: Their Virgin Captive (Masters of Menage, #1) by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake two-stars
Their Virgin Captive by Lexi Blake, Shayla Black
Series: Masters of Menage #1
Published by LLC, Shelley Bradley on September 2, 2011
Pages: 293
Format: eBook
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Brothers Gavin, Slade, and Dex, fall hard for Gavin’s new secretary, beautiful Hannah Craig. The oil executives know they must give her time to get to know them before she can choose one . . . who will seduce the virgin and keep her for his own. But when a dangerous predator begins stalking the small-town beauty, they work together to protect her, abducting Hannah and spiriting her to an isolated hideaway. Once alone with her, none of them can contain their burning desire. Though Slade and Dex don’t mind sharing, Gavin’s tragic past has put distance between him and his brothers. Now, they’re hoping that not only will Hannah love them back . . . but maybe mend their fractured family.

After overcoming her initial fears, the men teach her wild pleasure she’s never imagined. She grows closer to each, their devotion melting her inhibitions. Hannah finds herself embracing love with all three men—and hoping she can heal Gavin’s wounded soul. But her new found happiness turns to terror when her stalker finds her. Will Gavin, Slade and Dex lose their woman to a menace that threatens everything they hold dear, or will they finally unite to make Hannah theirs forever?

Now I’m starting to feel like the dirty old grumpy lady of reading, lol.

***Warning: dirty language ahead***

I was really excited to finally get a chance to read Their Virgin Captive. I mean, really really excited. A friend gifted this book to me and I literally did a happy dance. For some reason my husband found this both amusing and slightly concerning, lol.

Sadly, my excitement didn’t last too far past the first chapter. There was…just too much chatter about absolutely nothing and not enough sex for an erotica. I mean…this is a ménage! Why is no one getting DP’d until the very end?? (See, I told you it made me feel dirty, lol.) I was reading this like, “Why am I reading a ménage with very little ménage?” And except for the spanking at the beginning the sex scenes weren’t that great. Well, I liked the first and second ones a lot more than the final one. The final one felt way too forced (and it was the only one with DP).

After a short period of time, I started comparing this book to the very first m/m/m/f ménage I read: Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks. I had quite a few problems with this story [Colter’s Woman] mostly because of the personality-less, damsel-in-distress heroine. Other than that, I thought the author did a good job of trying to create a way that an alternative lifestyle relationship like this could work in today’s society. I also felt the author did a good job explaining why three brothers would be interested in being in a full time ménage relationship with a single woman. And the sex was hot (IIRC).

I feel the exact opposite happened in Their Virgin Captive. This book is also blessed (cursed?) with a damsel-in-distress who lacks personality. IIRC, the two women (Colter’s Woman and Their Virgin Captive) even look alike. I do credit the author of Their Virgin Captive for making her heroine at least attempt to stand on her own feet. I also didn’t get (past the kinkiness of it all, of course) why these brothers were so interested in being married to the same woman. There were random comments tossed out by (what i call) extras during a drunken bar scene full of (basically) strangers – but I never got the sense that the people involved in the relationship ever had that conversation. I also saw no explanation of how they planned to manage this rather unconventional relationship in public…especially considering that the three brothers work at and own a large corporation that is often in the public eye.

From the beginning of the novel, I could not understand the desire the men had for the heroine. She was “sweet, “innocent” and “pretty.” And that pretty much sums up her entire character. Another thing I would call her is unrealistic. So, I’m supposed to believe that this chick is going to hang on to her virginity for 25+ years and then give it up to three men who are also brothers with no real thought? Ummm,

Then the constant comments about her innocence. Plu-leese. First she’s the “innocent siren” and then she’s made a split second decision to live full time in a BDSM relationship (which she has never experienced before) with not just one but three men. And an anal virgin taking it the first time in a DP ménage after only having vaginal sex once or twice? Sorry, not buying that, either.

It is starting to feel like erotica authors are parodying themselves now. Rarely (if ever) do I run into a romance (erotica or not) that is fresh, new and well written. This book is well written…but it comes across as a more angsty version of Colters’ Woman with no hot sex and a BS “mystery.”

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