Review: The King’s Dragon by Carolyn Jewel

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Review: The King’s Dragon by Carolyn Jewel three-half-stars
The King's Dragon by Carolyn Jewel
Published by on July 12, 2011
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Romance
Pages: 27
Format: eBook
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The King's Dragon is based on a character who wouldn't leave me alone; a damaged man who has no business being a hero, but is. For the longest time, I didn't know what to do with him, until I put him in this world. The setting comes from a Fantasy series I plan to write. The first book is all mapped out-- to the extent this seat-of-the-pants writer can plan anything in advance. There is romance, adventure, men in high boots, magic, politics and, also, hot elves.


The King’s Dragon is adorable. The King’s Dragon is also a very short story (but so well written!) in a Fantasy setting. I really enjoyed the characters: Mair Barrence, the entirely too intelligent heroine, and Atul, the despised half-breed Elf.

Since The King’s Dragon is so short, there’s not much I can discuss about the plot without spoilers. I do think that, while extremely short, The King’s Dragon packs in a lot of detail and world building (though I have some issues with the elf-dragon thingy. I wanted a dragon but seems to have gotten an elf-kind that is called dragon? IDK). I do wish the story was longer but that is because it was so well done.

Yet another engaging read by Ms Jewel.

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