Review: The Geek Job by Eve Langlais

April 17, 2013 3.5 Stars, alpha male overload, deception plotline, ebook, erotica, Paranormal Romance, Romance, self published, vampires, weres, woman warrior 2 ★★★½

Review: The Geek Job by Eve Langlais three-half-stars
The Geek Job by Eve Langlais
Published by Eve Langlais on April 7, 2011
Genres: Erotic, PNR, Romance
Pages: 143
Format: eBook
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Protect the geek, that’s the job she’s been hired for, but little did this shewolf expect to fall for a man of science.

As a werewolf who hires out as a bodyguard, Lexie is paid well to perform dangerous jobs that sometimes involve taking off her clothes. When she takes on the protection of a science geek for a vampire clan, she doesn’t expect her temporary girlfriend status to come with lots of pleasure. But a geeky human who pushes all her right buttons—and plays her body oh so right—isn’t reason enough for her to break the rules and fall in love.

Everything changes after an incident in the lab, but before she can decide if it’s safe to give him her heart, she has to help him survive.

This was a rather fun book with some hot sex. I liked both characters for different reasons. I’m a pretty big fan of kick-ass heroines – a description that fits Lexie perfectly – and I loved Anthony.

I really enjoyed watching Anthony slowly gain confidence in himself and his powers of attraction and I enjoyed the relationship that developed between Lexie and Anthony. What I absolutely hated – while still enjoying Lexie as The Science Slut – was the deception that the relationship started with. I felt that Lexie should have told Anthony that he was in danger and that she was there to protect him. Lexie should have also had to do a little more groveling once her deception was exposed. If a man had perpetuated the same deception that Lexie did, it would have been handled as a bigger transgression.

The ending felt a tad contrived while still being somewhat believable. All in all, it was a short but fun read.

I think it’s safe to call me a fan of Eve Langlais. I own a decent amount of her work and – even though she originally annoyed the crap out of me by writing such short novellas that her characters and/or stories would never develop to full potential – have plans to buy much more. I can certainly say that the length of her books seem to slowly get longer while the voice that originally intrigued me has stayed fresh. :)With that being said, the book is cute, a little funny, kinda sexy and I think you should read it – if you like erotic romance, that is. 😉

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  1. Lexxie

    I love Eve Langlais’ books as well – they are short, very hot and usually pretty funny as well. I like that her female characters can take care of themselves (most of the time at least) and I especially love her purple aliens… I have no idea why – I would probably run away screaming if I ever saw one 😀

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