Tangled Leashes (Leashed #4) by Jet Mykles

April 16, 2013 3.5 Stars, ebook, erotica, fantasy romance, Insta-love, Menage, Paranormal Romance, Romance, series, spunky spitfire heroine, weres 0 ★★★½

Tangled Leashes (Leashed #4) by Jet Mykles three-half-stars
Tangled Leashes by Jet Mykles
Series: Leashed #4
Published by Loose ID on April 24, 2012
Genres: Erotic, Fantasy Romance, Menage, PNR, Romance
Pages: 174
Format: eBook
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Sometimes we get what we never wanted, and Meg never wanted to be grand dame. Now that she’s got the job, she’s doing her damnedest to do it right. But it’s far from a one woman show.

Michael is the one who really should be running the show, but his newly discovered magic powers make managing his own life almost too much to handle. Then there’s Rudy. Sweet Rudy who is all about doing everything he can, but who’s just too young and inexperienced to be much help. So what’s a busy grand dame to do?

Lucky for Meg, she’s got one more shapeshifter to lean on. Connections, personality and background make Logan uniquely suited to be Meg’s righthand man, at least in the public eye. Problem is, he claims to be in love with her. It’s not that she doesn’t think he’s great — because she does — but there’s no more room in her bed or her heart for another man.

Just to make matters worse, a witch and a shapeshifter from Michael’s past arrive in LA asking for help.

Great. Just... great.

I love the Leashed series. I think this is the only (romance) series that has the same main characters that I follow.

That being said, there are some major issues I had with this recent installation. SPOILERS AHEAD

-Michael. Damn. I want one, lol. Michael is his normal ridiculously sexy, domineering and bossy self. Does anyone else notice that though Meg is the heroine…Michael is the one who gets what he wants every time?
-Rudy. I heart Rudy.
-The sex scenes were H.O.T.
-Michael, Rudy and Meg. Need I say more?

-I’m not a fan of the addition of Logan. I loved Michael, Meg and Rudy as they were.

-The entire story felt incomplete. I never found out why the external conflict took place, there were no answers to explanations regarding the entire episode.

-I disliked the fact that the external conflict seemed mainly designed to require sex with Logan and for no other reason. The other books weren’t quite so obvious.

-The “I Love Yous” regarding Logan felt…forced. Meg, Michael and Rudy didn’t admit to love until the end of book THREE. Now Logan is sitting pretty with some love at book four??

-I hated the way that the author made most of the angst in the relationship come from Rudy’s insecurities. I get that Rudy is young and in a strange relationship…but he’s been in strange situations his whole life…plus he was much more secure in books 1 & 2. What happened?

-I didn’t like the fact that (at the end) Logan and Meg went to bed together in a separate bedroom without Michael and Rudy. It felt distant, especially considering the way the other books have ended. WHAT is Logan’s purpose other than to be a bi-curious wedge in the relationship?

-The book ended on such a cliffhanger! Come on, after making us wait this long, why not give us something to chew on and a complete ending?? I know you’re going to do another book in the series (it’s par for the course for you) but do you have to make everything a mystery? The entire ending felt like “Part One of Two” and now I’m waiting for “part two of two.”

That being said….*shakes fist at Jet Mykles* I need another fix!!!! There’s no way to keep me away from this series.

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