Review: Taking What’s Naughty (Forced Submission #6) by Alexa Riley

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Review: Taking What’s Naughty (Forced Submission #6) by Alexa Riley two-half-stars
Taking What's Naughty by Alexa Riley
Series: Forced Submission #6
Published by Alexa Riley on December 3, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 72
Format: eBook
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Damon, Remy, and Kellan have had their eyes on Leila from the day she started working at their law firm.

Leila's been playing hard to get, and they're not having it. It's the night of the company Christmas party, and they've decided to take matters into their own hands.

Obsession has taken over, and forcing Leila to accept the three of them is the only way to get what they desire.

WARNING: This book contains forced submission and dubious consent. These themes aren't for everyone, so proceed with caution. If you like your smut at the edge of safe, this filthy story has your name on it!


I’ve read and enjoyed the other books in the Forced Submission series so I was excited to see that Ms Riley was releasing a new book in the series.

This one was rather meh and I didn’t really enjoy it. Considering all of the books in this series have the same basic premise and are all (for the most part) for the spank bank…it took me some time to put my finger on what I didn’t like: the points of view.

All of the books in the Forced Submission series switch back and forth between POV: the hero(es) and the heroine. While I’m not the biggest fan of that type of head hopping, I think it works well when dealing with touchy subjects like this one. Taking What’s Naughty does switch POVs but the reader does not get any POVs from the heroine until the last chapter. The heroine has very few lines and basically no actions until the very end. Even the part where the heroine is “captured” takes place prior to the beginning of the story, told to the reader by one of the heroes. The heroine had such little page time that by the end it felt as if the heroes were fooling around with a blow up doll. They did things to her and they said things to her and they talked around her but she said/did basically nothing.


For the final chapter the reader gets the heroine’s POV…but it feels like a recitation of the things the other three characters said previously. 🙁 My favorite book in this series remains book one: Taking What’s Mine (Forced Submission #1).

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