Review: Taking the Fall Complete Series (Taking the Fall #1-4) by Alexa Riley

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Review: Taking the Fall Complete Series (Taking the Fall #1-4) by Alexa Riley three-stars
Taking the Fall Complete Series by Alexa Riley
Series: Taking the Fall #1-4
Published by Alexa Riley on June 8, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 280
Format: eBook
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Layla O’Leary has had enough. For years she has been haunted by the night she can’t remember. When she learns the only man she's ever loved has betrayed her, she escapes and crafts a new identity. She's finally free...

Carter has waited eight years to claim his woman. Locking him up only fueled his obsession. The day he gets out he's coming for her. Taking the Fall was just the start. Now he'll stop at nothing to possess what's his.

Warning: this book contains a hero who grunts and growls his way through life, a heroine nicknamed Cherry looking to lose it, and instalove so fast and hard your panties might disintegrate. Note: not responsible for exploding panties.

Includes Short Story on Jeanette & Saint:
They met by chance. Or so she thought...

Losing her wasn't something he was willing to do. Sometimes life takes you to the edge, but Jeanette had a Saint to catch her.

This is the short story of how they met, how they fell in love, and how much Saint loves going down on her.

BONUS: Letters Carter wrote Cherry while in Prison.

I’ve been reading a lot of Alexa Riley lately – the whole KU thing makes it happen – and the Taking the Fall series is one of those reads. Taking the Fall is actually three [serial] books focused on Layla/Cherry and Carter’s relationship (this edition has a section for Carter’s unmailed letters to Cherry) and one book focused on Jeanette and Saint (Layla and Carter’s respective best friends). There is also a fifth book in the series: Fall Into Place (Taking the Fall #5) that focuses on Layla and Jeanette’s children. This last book is more like an extended epilogue and I would only suggest it for people who’ve enjoyed the first four books.

Ok. So this book (for me) falls under “crazysauce.” There is so many unbelievable and insane things happening in this story(s). There is no tension between Cherry and Carter for the most part so all of the drama comes from situations (her father, crime, etc). Jeanette and Saint have relationship tension but not a lot of it. If I were to judge these books based on the relationships period, I’d have died of boredom.

Cherry (Layla) is the daughter of some kind of murderous crime lord. Her father made Carter her bodyguard when she was 16. Cherry loved Carter but she was too young for him. Then one day Carter is suddenly in prison and Cherry has memory loss. Cherry visits Carter in prison when she turns 18 but he sends her away. Cherry decides to change her identity, moving far away from her hated father and her heartbreak over Carter.

Years later Carter is out of prison and after Cherry. Cherry is still a virgin. (rolls eyes) Cue the immediate hookup and the crazy: The first sexual encounter between Carter and Cherry happens against the brick wall of a club where he comes on her after jerking off on her butt. O_O

“You didn’t ever let anyone touch what’s mine, did you Cherry? You saved it for me, didn’t you? You always knew who’d get it first. You thought it was cute when I called you Cherry that first time. You thought it was because of your hair.”

I looked at her red mane spread out on the bed, and then back to her eyes.

“No, baby,” I whisper. “It’s because I knew that pussy was untouched. I knew you had a sweet virgin cherry between your legs. I wanted it sooner than I should have. I shouldn’t have been looking at you like that before you were legal. But I’m a dirty fucker and that didn’t stop me from jerking off to your body.”
-pg 47-48

Suddenly there’s the sex and the safe-house and pregnancies, kidnapping, lies, murder, drugged out moms, prostitutes and attempted rape. (I really appreciate that no rape occurred in this series and it was only used once as a threat. Thank you, Alexa Riley.)

In all honesty, this series is interesting but not enthralling. I only read when I was bored of the other stuff I was reading. There’s little relationship depth here at all. Most of the situations would fall under fantasy for it’s incredible OTT action or fantasy for it’s unbelievable relationships.

Jeanette and Saint’s story…made me uncomfortable due to word choices. Saint called Jeanette “mamma” or something the whole book and it made me cringe a little each time. I felt Jeanette’s story to be…blah but I did like the ending. 😉 Jeanette is a badass.

In looking back at this review, I have to say that while Taking the Fall is not deep at all, it is FUN. I had my eyes wide open so many times it was crazy. CRAZYSAUCE. If you are in the mood for some crazysauce fun, this one is a ride. Just remember to take everything in stride with a dash of humor and you’ll be entertained.

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