Review: Stepbrother’s Rules by Renee Rose

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Review: Stepbrother’s Rules by Renee Rose four-stars
Stepbrother's Rules by Renee Rose
Published by Romance Beckons on December 13, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Daddy Doms, Erotic, Historical, Romance, Spanking/DD
Pages: 96
Format: eBook
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LuAnn’s had a crush on her older, rebellious stepbrother since the year he lived with them—his last year of high school. Now, four weeks before graduating from Sarah Wharton Women’s College, she’s been kicked out for having boys in her dormitory, and he’s the one who shows up to collect her. With her parents away in Europe, he brings her to his place, because leaving a young woman unchaperoned isn’t done in 1957.

Brad makes it clear she is not to emulate the wild behavior of his youth, and he starts things out with a long, bare-bottomed punishment. Soon, though, he discovers his stepsister is all grown up, and having her under his authority makes her a temptation too delicious to resist. Before long, he’s strayed way past what is acceptable, turning her into his little girl and bringing her to the peaks of pleasure during her numerous punishments. LuAnn brings out the dominant side of him, but with it comes the desire to take care of her and nurture the sweet innocence she’s been trying to cover up. He wants her for keeps, which means risking their parents’ disapproval and leaving his rebellious side behind forever.

Publisher’s Note: The book contains spanking, elements of ageplay and graphic sexual scenes. If such content offends you, please do not buy this book.

Jeeze! This was hot, hot hot! and I enjoyed almost every bit of it. It was both sweet and hot.

I loved Brad but I wasn’t quite as fond of LuAnn. Brad picks LuAnn up from school after she’s kicked out of the dorm for drinking, smoking and boys. Brad takes her home and suddenly he’s thinking of her as his “little girl” to take care of, discipline and protect. I really liked how Brad pushed during each encounter until LuAnn was his little girl. Brad was tender and sweet to her – even when he needed to tan her ass. I also enjoyed the fact that Brad really hadn’t intended to turn into a Daddy Dom but he (also) felt swept away. So sweet.

LuAnn. LuAnn is a sweet girl and she does want to please Brad…but LuAnn’s favorite thing to do is to lie. Over and over again LuAnn is punished because of her lies. I honestly got tired of her lying so much – not to mention the way [some of] her lies made Brad feel.

Stepbrother’s Rules was so good…but there was this huge glaring error that just fucked with me: Ms Rose does not seem to care much about female anatomy. LuAnn is a virgin. There is one scene in Stepbrother’s Rules where Brad fingers LuAnn with great abandon (complete insertion). Then there is a much later scene where LuAnn lies to Brad and tells him she is not a virgin so they can have sex but he doesn’t discover it until he’s actually having sex with her. Here’s the thing: the hymen is located very near to the vaginal entrance. There’s no way for Brad to not feel LuAnn’s hymen with all the fingering and touching going on (if not break it himself due to the finger he’s shoving up her hoo-ha), so that scene threw me out a little. That dropped my rating a 1/2 star.

Other than that, I pretty much loved this one.

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