Review: Roping The Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins #2) by Alexa Riley

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Review: Roping The Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins #2) by Alexa Riley one-star
Roping The Virgin by Alexa Riley
Series: Cowboys & Virgins #2
Published by Alexa Riley on September 26, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 90
Format: eBook
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Blake Jennings has always wanted what his parents had: a sweet, simple love that lasts a lifetime. And when he meets Luciana, he knows she’s the one.

Luciana Salazar comes from a tight-knit family that pushes her to follow her dreams. When she takes a job on the Braided Rope Ranch, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with its owner, the dark-haired man she’s seen watching her in town.

Roping the Virgin is over-the-top sweet, with a heaping scoop of sexy steam. Blake sweeps his Luciana off her feet and gives her the life she’s always dreamed of.

Warning: Ridiculous is almost close enough to describe this irresistible short story. Come back to the Jennings farm and pull up a rocking chair. You’ll like the way they treat you.

Ok. So, first I want to say that the title for this book is a little to close to the title of one of her previous books Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride.

So. Did not enjoy this one. Alexa Riley seems to be my crack…but I think I got a bad batch with this one.

I felt that… the hero wasn’t possessive and Alpha…he came across as a batshit crazy stalker.

One would have thought I’d cool down a little once Luciana took the job. But I haven’t. In fact, I think I’ve only gotten worse knowing how close I am to having her under my roof. Knowing each night when I go to bed she’s under my roof, and I have no intention of ever letting her leave.
-location 216-218

It’s not proper for her to be staying with me, a single man. But I don’t give two fucking shits. She’s staying with me. Period. It isn’t even up for discussion.
-location 241

Maybe I should have picked her up. Hell, why hadn’t I thought of that? Then she wouldn’t have a vehicle here. She’d really be stuck. Would need me to go anywhere. I’d be able to make sure she was always at my side no matter where she was going.
-location 249

All of the above happen BEFORE the heroine and hero have exchanged any on page dialogue. I needed the two to have at least talked – ON PAGE – before the hero is losing his danged mind. I did finish but I did not enjoy.

I also did not enjoy the heroine very much – though I loved that she came from such a close and loving family. I didn’t care for the way the heroine kinda jumped the hero while he was sleeping and started having sex with him. That’s…kinda squicky and rape-y considering they hadn’t had sex before.

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