Review: Raging Heart On (Lucas Brothers #2) by Jordan Marie

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Review: Raging Heart On (Lucas Brothers #2) by Jordan Marie three-stars
Raging Heart On by Jordan Marie
Series: Lucas Brothers #2
on November 5, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 563
Format: eBook
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Her biological clock is a ticking time bomb.
He’s got the tool it takes to get the job done...And then some.


Life has never been great.
If not for White Lucas and his family, I might have been on the streets.
They showed me what family was—what I always wanted.
Now I'm nearing thirty, I want my own family.
The problem is there’s no man in the picture.
When White volunteers his services, I should say no.
Making a baby with my best friend could ruin everything.
Couldn’t it?


Kayla is my best friend. She has been for fifteen years.
In all that time I’ve never once thought of her as more than a buddy, a pal.
Then something happened.
We kissed.
It was good. Really good.
So good that now it’s all I can think about.
When she hatches a crazy scheme to have a baby, it’s my duty to stop her.
And offering my uh…services is the least I can do.
I’m just looking out for her.
As any friend would do.
Any red-blooded man who is frustrated and dying for more.
She wants a baby?
I’m there.
With A Raging Heart On.

Complete Stand Alone with No cheating and a Happy Ending all inside. Book two of the Lucas Brothers series but can be read completely on its own and is self-contained.

WARNING: This book contains friends turning into lovers, a meddling mother who keeps trying to help them out, a whole lot of baby making and all the hotness that implies. Hope you enjoy!

Raging Heart On was ok. It was entertaining and that was what I needed at that moment. Sadly, when compared with book one in the Lucas Brothers series, The Perfect Stroke, Raging Heart On just doesn’t live up.

Raging Heart On is a “friends to lovers” tale which brings the reader back to the loving arms of the Lucas Family. Kayla has been pining for her BFF, White, for the last 15 years and has finally decided to give up the ghost. She’s decided to settle marry someone she doesn’t love to have a family. White walks into this bomb and loses his mind. He’s aghast and dismayed that Kayla wants to have children and NOW and will marry (or try to have random stranger sex) in order to get preggers.

So. I am NOT a fan of pining. I’m more of a “get in where I fit in” kind of girl. So Jordan Marie started losing me right there.

Regardless, White loses his little mind and decides he’s going to date Kayla and get her pregnant. Which then starts the BigMis “if we had only talked!” song and dance. And I hate that song and dance.

Also, Raging Heart On just wasn’t very funny. In comparison to The Perfect Stroke or by itself. I didn’t get a single chuckle until around 30% or so. Ugh. The laughs came a lot more often when the reader gets to hang out with a large group of the Lucas family, thank goodness. And Ida Mae continued to bring the LOLs. My favorite line(s) in the entire book came from sister Lotus Petal:

“Whatever happened to Candy anyway?”
“Her boobs exploded and caused what was left of her brain cells to run away,” Petal says, not bothering to look up from the newspaper.
-location 2812


“I wasn’t being mean. I’m serious,” Petal defends. “She got some kind of thing on the internet that was supposed to inject air into your boobs and make them larger. She mixed it with some black market Botox solution that, in turn, interacted with her leaky implants. Ker-splash! Instant boob explosion. Them suckers went off like fireworks on the Fourth of July.”
-location 2817

Raging Heart On has the almost EXACT same plotline as The Perfect Stroke – not the blurb and set up, but the content plotline. Both brothers are big time professional sports players. Both heroines are atypical (looks, job, etc). Both heroines have half-sisters/step-sisters and fathers (step-father) that treat them like pure shit. Both sisters try to blackmail the heroes into marrying them instead of the heroines. Ida Mae comes to the rescue at the ending conflict in each book.

Final Verdict: Entertaining but not as good as The Perfect Stroke. And repetitive.

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