Review: Ordered By The Mountain Man (Modern Mail-Order Bride Romance #2) by Frankie Love

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Review: Ordered By The Mountain Man (Modern Mail-Order Bride Romance #2) by Frankie Love DNF
Ordered By The Mountain Man by Frankie Love
Series: Modern Mail-Order Bride Romance #2
Published by Self-Published on July 4, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Mail Order Brides, Romance
Pages: 108
Format: eBook
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"You're my wife, and I'm planning on taking you every day. Understood?"
"I understand," I tell him, biting my lip. "You can order me to do whatever you like."


I own the premier hunting and fishing lodge in Alaska. And I need a woman to help run it.

I don't want an employee; I need a woman who knows how to take orders in and out of the bedroom.

Delta's not what I expected. She wants an adventure and may not be up for the challenge of running the lodge. But she's gonna need to learn if she wants to keep riding my c*ck.


I thought it sounded fun. Like a vacation. Not like a real, actual marriage. But that is exactly what this is. I'm here as Boone's mail-order bride and he means business.

I'd have left already because heaven knows I am a fish out of water here ... but he tricked me.

He took me to bed minutes after I arrived, and now I know what I'd be walking away from if I left.

And while the job is huge, so is his entire package.

But can insta-lust turn into insta-love? I guess I'm going to find out.

WARNING: Don't one-click if you're offended by a strong mountain man with an off-the-chart sex drive and an irresistible urge to take what is his.

Ugh. IDK what it was about this one but…not a fan. I didn’t care for the heroine’s attitude (about marriage and about life) and I hated the way these people spoke to each other. I mean, every other word they (all) uttered made me feel like cringing. Sometimes when I read stuff that is this…crude, it makes me wonder: Do I live under a rock or did I take a wrong turn somewhere in Romancelandia?

The heroine in this one – her attitude disgusted me. She doesn’t take much seriously – like marriage – and blames others/things when she does something insane and irresponsible.

Because moving in with a stranger, being his lawfully wedded wife? I have never been more over my head. Well, except for when I nearly dropped out of high school because someone leaked that I’d slept with the student teacher. Or the time I went to Burning Man with my ex, and somehow ended up in the middle of an orgy with approximately seventeen strangers. Or when I went to Peru and was talked into drinking ayahuasca, and found myself stark naked and doing handstands in the middle of the street. At two in the afternoon.
Ordered By The Mountain Man

Really, bitch? Really?? If you gonna be a hoe, be a proud hoe! Take responsibility for that shit. Just admit you like dick but not people and it’s all good. I can appreciate a woman proudly loving sex but I cannot do the “it wasn’t my fault, things just happened [to me]” bullshit.

So to make up for her piss poor behavior, this dumb bitch flies to East Bubba Fuck, Alaska to be a mail order bride…because she was embarrassed about the OTHER dumbass shit she’s recently done. PASS.

I’m leaning towards not even bothering trying book 3 in this series. I cringed and skimmed this one until I gave up.

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