Review: My Wicked Enemy (My Immortals #1) by Carolyn Jewel

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Review: My Wicked Enemy (My Immortals #1) by Carolyn Jewel three-half-stars
My Wicked Enemy by Carolyn Jewel
Series: My Immortals #1
Published by Forever on August 1, 2008
Genres: Erotic, PNR, Romance
Pages: 372
Format: eBook
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A Desire that Can't be Controlled . . .
Carson Phillips is a witch on the run. For years, the notorious mage Alvaro Magellan has held her as his psychological prisoner. But once Carson gets a glimpse of the true extent of his evil, she flees Magellan's mansion--stealing a stone talisman of unimaginable power on the way. Her only hope for survival is a demon who ignites a voracious hunger in her she can't deny, a longing she can't resist . . .

A Hunger that Can't be Sated . . .
Nikodemus is a warlord with a mission: Kill Magellan and his green-eyed witch at any cost. But when he meets the desperate Carson, the pull of her magic takes his breath away. He's not sure he can trust this tantalizing woman--she is his enemy--and less sure he can keep his hands off her. But Magellan will stop at nothing to reclaim what belongs to him. Can Nikodemus save Carson before his desire for her destroys them both?

This is the beginning of what looks to be a beautiful relationship. *happy sigh*

I first learned about the My Immortals series via the Alphas Unleashed anthology. I loved the short story Carolyn Jewel included and I immediately went looking for more.

And I found it.

The more I was looking for. Seven whole books to read with more in the pipeline!! Yes, I was in book heaven. 🙂 I started this glom with a re-read of the first short – Dead Drop – and then I went back to start at the beginning with My Wicked Enemy.

My Wicked Enemy is the story of the witch Carson and the demon warlord Nikodemus. Carson, raised by her legal guardian (and mage) Alvaro Magellan since her parents’ death at age 8, runs away from her cloistered and sheltered existence with Magellan when she witnesses him commit a ritual murder. Nikodemus is a demon warlord who has decided it was time for demons to fight back – and maybe obtain peace with – the magekind. But first Nikodemus needed to dispose of Alvaro Magellan and his witch Carson because Magellan habitually murdered demons to steal their power and lifespan.

Nikodemus is surprised when he stumbles upon Carson alone in the city. Nikodemus confronts her…and learns a disgusting truth: Carson has no idea who or what Nikodemus is; Carson has no idea she’s a witch; Carson has no idea that Magellan is more than an insane murderer because she has no idea that magic exists. Magellan has been poisoning Carson and keeping her ignorant in order to steal her magic. Nikodemus also discovers that Magellan has sent mageheld* demons to kill Carson because she escapes with a talisman* Magellan planned to use to become all-powerful.

Nikodemus decides that since Carson is innocent, he will protect her. The harder part for Nikodemus is trusting Carson but he decides to do that as well, taking her proffered assistance. As Nikodemus and Carson delve deeper into the situation that caused her to flee, they create tighter and tighter bonds with each other until they are permanently tied.

I really have very few – if any – complaints about either the series or My Wicked Enemy. I think the only issues I have with My Wicked Enemy are related to the use of the word “demon” and some of the sexual encounters in My Wicked Enemy. As a Christian, I have a specific idea of what a demon is – and Carolyn Jewel’s demons do not fit. There are no corresponding angels and the “demons” are no more evil than your typical human. What makes this a problem is discussion, lol. How do you explain to your very Catholic mother why you are reading demon romances and why she should read them, too. O_O Let’s just say it’s a little bit difficult, lol.

There are two sexual encounters in My Wicked Enemy that bother me a bit – both scenes involve Nikodemus and Carson and the addition of a third person. The scenes just felt odd/uncomfortable to me because Carson and Nikodemus had already become something of a couple…though at the same time the scenes weren’t as uncomfortable as they could have been since both MCs are involved.

I am really enjoying Carolyn Jewel’s world of demons and mages. The “demons” are so human while still being somewhat alien. I also find the psychic connection the fiends have to be incredibly interesting. I am enjoying the shit out of this series – which equates to lots of book buying and glomming, lol. My Wicked Enemy does suffer “first in a series” issues but those issues are relatively minor.




Cracking (a talisman): A mage or witch may crack open a talisman in order to absorb the life force therein and magically prolong his or her life. Requires a sacrificial murder.
Demon: Any one of a number of shape-shifting magical beings whose chief characteristic is, as far as the magekind are concerned, the ability to possess and control a human.
Fiend: A subspecies of demon. Before relations with the magekind exploded into war, they frequently bonded with the magekind.
Kin: What fiends collectively call each other. Socially divided into various factions seeking power over other warlord-led factions. The Kin connect with other Kin via psychic links, often collectively. They typically possess multiple physical forms, at least one of which is recognizably human.
Magekind: Humans who possess magic. The magekind arose to protect vanilla humans from the depredations of demons, a very real threat.
Mageheld: A fiend or other demon who is under the complete control of one of the magekind.
Severing: The act of removing a mageheld from the control of a mage or witch, through the use of magic.
Talisman: A usually small object into which a mage has enclosed the life force of fiend, typically against the fiend’s will. A talisman confers additional magical power on the mage who has it. Sometimes requires an additional sacrifice. See also cracking (a talisman).
Warlord: A fiend who leads some number of other fiends, who have sworn fealty. Usually a natural leader possessing far more magic than others of the Kin.

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