Review: My Demon Warlord (My Immortals #7) by Carolyn Jewel

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Review: My Demon Warlord (My Immortals #7) by Carolyn Jewel three-half-stars
My Demon Warlord by Carolyn Jewel
Series: My Immortals #7
Published by cJewel Books on January 31, 2016
Genres: Erotic, PNR, Romance
Pages: 316
Format: eBook
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A Demon Warlord Bound by Dark Magic...

Kynan Aijan’s centuries-long enslavement to a mage left him borderline insane and bound to Maddy Winters, a witch he intended to kill in horrible ways. Though he’s sworn the bonds they share will never be completed, their very existence feeds his desire for her even as he accepts that Winters will never forgive him. the Powerful Witch He’s Desired for Years.

For Maddy Winters the fight against evil magic users always takes top priority. But her bonds to Kynan give her intimate access to his thoughts and experiences, and she can’t always ignore their chemistry. Her insistence that she has no feelings for him is a deception she can’t afford to give up.

As Kynan and Maddy join forces to stop a rebellious and murderous witch, the dark magic that binds them locks them into forbidden passions and magic that could destroy them both. Will their fight for what’s right lead to a fight for each other?

My Demon Warlord is the seventh installment in the My Immortals series of paranormal romance novels. If you like magical supernatural tales, explosive chemistry, and irresistible passion, then you'll love Carolyn Jewel’s latest breathtaking romance.

O.M.G! Maddy & Kynan’s book!

I just need to start with – thar will be spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.

I’ve been feigning for this book for months. I mean, I just found out about the My Immortals series late last year and I’ve already managed to glom my way through all of them. So I’ve been impatiently waiting for this book.

I don’t know what to say. The tension and the past between Maddy and Kynan is a hallmark of their association and I was sure that there was going to be a lot of groveling…but there was not! O_O WTF? Why not??

Throughout my read of My Demon Warlord, something was bothering me. Niggling at me in the back of my mind. Maddy was coming across as a cold-hearted bitch. Kynan came to her multiple times, almost begging for more but Maddy would refuse. Maddy doesn’t believe in love. But WHY? The text never gives a reason for Maddy not to believe in love so her constant refusal of Kynan felt mule-headed and a little petty…deepening her characterization as a cold-hearted bitch.

That’s when it [what was bothering me] hit me! The text doesn’t truly delve into Kynan and Maddy’s past. Everyone knows Kynan hurt Maddy and that they are bound in some way (because of what Kynan did) …but most of the characters behaved as if it were water under the bridge. The text does not give the full details: what exactly did Kynan do to Maddy? Kynan bound them together but by what kind of bonds? The text didn’t say – and I’m thinking that the text dances around this point in order to make Kynan redeemable. Let’s not forget: Kynan attempted to torture and kill Maddy.

Let’s say that again: Kynan attempted to torture and kill Maddy.

But everyone (females, at least) seems to forget this and give Maddy serious shade cause of Kynan. Emily gives Maddy shit in My Dangerous Pleasure:

“He’s [Kynan] not…stable,” Maddy said.
Harsh silently applauded the way Emily stared down Maddy.
“I trust him,” Emily said. “Completely. It’s not my problem of you don’t.”
-Emily, My Dangerous Pleasure, pg 60

Bitch. Did he attempt to torture and kill you? NO? Oh, well then. My suggestion is to drink a big cup of Shut the Fuck Up.

And then Addison had the fucking nerve to do the same in My Demon Warlord.

“I know Kynan, though. He has serious feelings about you, and I don’t want to see him suffer because you don’t care about him. No mistake, Maddy, when Nikodemus brought me along, I told him outright I’d happily put you down if you managed to take him mageheld and Durian didn’t get to you first.” Her expression hardened. “Unlike them, I totally believed you’d do something like that. I still believe it.”
– Addison, location 3297

Addison calls Maddy a cold-hearted bitch to her face and lays into her as if Maddy is what’s wrong with Kynan. With all that shit Addison was talking, I bet she wouldn’t have given Bejar half the fucking chance if he were alive. Fucking hypocrite. So Addison went from being a favorite character to being a total bitch that I’d have loved to bitch slap.

“Don’t do anything different because I don’t think you’re worth him taking a chance on. He is, and you need to let him find that someone else.”
-Addison, location 3323

WTF is this??? Where the FUCK did that attitude come from?!?!?!?!?!??!? Kynan tried to torture and KILL Maddy. I think she has the right to her damn reservations! What the fuck, Addison?? Everyone knows that Kynan was a little insane at the time BUT a crazy person can make you just as dead as a sane person. And Kynan tried to torture and kill Maddy.

In a way, it felt as if the majority of the text was against Maddy having major fucking reservations regarding Kynan. When Maddy’s oath was broken in the attack against her and Kynan, Nikodemus throws shade at Maddy and immediately feels she’s at fault. Maddy has been nothing but loyal but everyone was willing to give her shit.

Except Xia. Damn, I loved Xia just a little more for that.

Xia looked at her and snarled. “It’s me, Maddy. Not some stupid fuck who doesn’t know better. I was there when he pulled memories of you out of Alexandrine’s head. I was fucking there. I know what he did.”

Thank goodness for grumpy ass Xia! FINALLY somebody had Maddy’s back. Because seriously: fuck Emily and double fuck Addison. I loved Addison in her book but in this one?? If I were Maddy, Addison would have had to kill me because I would have jumped on her ass. FUCK ADDISON.

“When I heard you and Maddy were off-grid, I knew you were responsible. I was ready to come after you. But this? You sick bastard. Fuck you for doing this to her. Fuck. You.”
-Xia, location 3750

By the end of the book, I felt a lot of mystery remained: Who is Maddy?? She is clearly well-trained and powerful. She wasn’t one of the discarded street witches, so what is Maddy’s past?

I don’t think I got all of what I was expecting in My Demon Warlord but I still enjoyed myself. My Demon Warlord also pushed the series arc farther and has some great addition to the war plotline. My biggest issue(s) are that there was a lot of mystery that wasn’t cleared up and I feel that Kynan should have done a lot of groveling and he seems to have managed to avoid that.

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